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Since beginning my distributorship in April 2007, I am cataloguing all personal experiences with the product and the types of responses I have gotten from all of those who have taken either the Active or Original from me directly or told to me directly form their own usage.

You may notice that there is a wide array of symptoms and reported relief. The reason for this is that there are at minimum 19 different fuits and berries in the Original Formula, with Natural Glucosamine and Esterified Fatty Acids added to the Avtive Blend. What this means is that each individual fruit and berry has its own nutrient, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory property that has an affect on different types of maladies. All have  commonality factor of either inflamation or detoxification.

*the product and the company does not make any medicinal claims toward treatment, cure, or any other claim towards illness or disease. All reported and recroded responses are from actual users of the product.

 1) My Personal Reaction:

Condition:Chronic Knee Pain- 8 Knee Surgeries, Bone Spurs, Pre-Arthritic conditions in multiple joints.

Response: Knee, Wrist, Shoulder, Elbow, and Ankle joints have responded well and the daily pain has subsided entirely after 6 weeks of taking the Active Blend.

Condition:Smoking, Withdrawal Symptoms from Cessation - Painful Physical Withdrawal Symptoms of Canker Sores on Tongue, Gums, and in Mouth; Skin Break Out. Psychological Additiction Withdrawal Symptoms of nicotine cravings, cold sweats, extreme agitation and irritation.

Response:Canker Sores completely healed, skin tone cleared, no nicotine craving, cold sweats, and temperament has leveld out to calm.

 2) Esther Drexler (Mother)

Condition:Mouth Sores from Blood Pressure Medication (Norvasc)

Response:After having success with my own situation, gave the Active to my mother and she experienced the same positive reaction of her mouth sores dispating and healing.

3) Margie Ortiz (Neighbor)

Condition:Shoulder Tendonitis

Response:Pain in her shoulder has subsided and increased range of motion.

4) Alex Ortiz (Margie's Son Age 14)

Condition:Jumpers Knee(Knee Tendonitis, Weakness, Inflammation)

Response:Knee pain and swelling has completely subsided and enabled more rigorous physical therapy to strengthen knee muscle tissue and range of motion.

5) Frank Settecasi(Husband of Friend Nancy Settecasi)

Condition:Chronic Knee Pain(ligament and tendon degeneration) Bone on Bone knee joint.

Response:After 2 weeks, reporting a lessening of knee pain with each day of using the product.

6) Kathy Lonergan (Friend)

Condition: PMS

Response:Ease of PMS Symptoms, Bloating, Cramping, Irritability, Binge Eating, Weight Loss, Increased Energy

Latest People to be given the product - check back on updates and progress.

Jeff Rosen -(Landlord) -Sciatica,Chronic Back and Neck pain, Enlarged Prostate - Did not take the product daily, response is erratic, is beginning a 2x daily regiment.

Diane Russ - (Sister) - Multiple Sclerosis - started regimen as of 6/21/2008

Laurice Quinn - (Friend) Chronic Knee pain, injury while in US NAVY - Starting Regimen - TBA

Ron Keran - (Friend and Former Colleague) Chronic Back Pain - Starting Regimen - TBA

Anne Gianchetta (Friend, Former Hockey Coach's Wife)- Kidney Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Starting Regimen TBA

Michael Gianchetta (Friend, Former HS Hockey Teammate)- Chroninc Knee Pain - Starting Regimen - TBA

Russell Klein - (Friend, Softball Teammate) Chronic Knee Pain, Bone on Bone Knee Joint, Multiple Surgeries, Arthritis - Starting Regimen TBA