Network Marketing

The Truth, The Fears, The Reality - An Understanding

Network Marketing  - The Fear - Is it a scam? Why are there so many people thinking it is? What is the truth?:

These are excellent and valid questions that you may be asking yourself about The Product , Company and it's Network Marketing Program. If you are asking yourself these questions, it may not be the program that is in quesiton, but the Sponsor looking to enroll you. If the product is real, and users are feeling a positive benefit, it cannot be the product.

The Truth: 95% of people that enroll in Network Marketing opportunities will fail.

Now let's understand the major reasons why:

  • Painting the Dream - This, unfortunately, is a common problem with Network Marketing. Sponsors may paint a picture of instant financial reward filling your head with a pot of gold with little or no effort on your part. Ask yourself, how many people do you know that have started a business and received instantaneous wealth without trying, other than winning the lottery? Yes, there is an opportunity to make a nice income with a MonaVie Distributorship, but set realistic timeline expectations and goals.
  • The Sign & Drop Silo - Another ploy by unethical Sponsors where they "Paint the Dream" and enroll a candidate, then leave them on an island with no direction, no knowledge, and no hope of succeeding. I do not understand this one as it is of no real help to the Sponsor to have unsuccessful enrollees. Sponsors should provide a "network of knowldege" to their people to answer questions, provide data, sucess stories, and anything they can to ensure the sucess of their netowrk and the people in it. Knowledge is contagious and the sharing of key information is vital to any marketing effort.
  • Easy Money / No Work - You may be told that this is an Easy Money opportunity that requires little effort on your behalf. As my father told me time and time again, "If something appears to good to be true, chances are it is!" You must be willing to dedicate time to develop not only your business, but to help those in your network achieve their goals as well. Define a game plan and work towards a common goal. With as little as 4 hours a week you can turn that time into a retirement income if you have the desire and the support of a good sponsor.
  • Singular Focus - One of the biggest problems is a singular focus on signing up other people to join the program or network. They have you calling everyone you know, family, close friends, old friends, new friends, friends form High School you haven't spoken to in years and so on. This is the kind of scenario that can create a significant amount of fear and anxiety, becuase nobody likes to be pushed or prodded into something like a used car salesman will. If you are calling those close to you, your reputation is on the line, and you don't want to let those you care about down. To be successful, yes it is part of the program to engange people into joing the opportunity to promote health, but to truly reach the level of success that most are seeking you must also find a few clients. You do not need to have any sales experience to do this, but you will need a mentor that can show you how it is done, the challenges and questions you will face when talking to a potential client. It is not something to fear, but something you may need to learn from those with experience. If you sign up 1-2 clients, then show your network how to sign up 1-2 clients, you see how it can impact your group and accelerate your success.
  • Abandonment / Quick Quit - Another big reason why the rate of failure is so high is the Abandonment or Quit Factor. Not seeing immediate results can create frustration and a desire to give up. Once again, it takes time to start up any type of business and patience is required. Slow and steady growth is the ideal for every company or business. Using the .com industry as an example, the explosion of the internet caused an enormous amount of companies that had dreams of starting up and being the next big thing and make millions. Unfortunately, most had a business model where investors wanted immediate returns, and pulled out before the company could realize its true potential. This lead to the demise of the .com industry. Setting small goals of adding 1-2 clilents or distributors a month is a very easily attainable goal, more realistic, and results will be seen in several months, if you put the effort in to nurture your team.
  • Saturated Market Perception - This is another area of fear that is common, the perception that there are too many people involved. With this product, it is not sold in stores and is reliant upon word of mouth. Currently there are 400,000 distributors across 8 countries including the US. Do the math, there are millions upon millions of people who have no idea the product even exists! I am on the web cnostantly and I didn't even know about it until I was told.

OK then, if those are the main reasons why pople fail in Network Marketing; What is MLM? What is a Pyramid?

First -Network Marketing, MLM or Multi-Level Marketing  - This is Direct Selling or Social Selling. What this means is that the product is delivered via word of mouth, and is basically the same way everyone buys or gets intorduced to products you buy in the store. TV ads are network marketing but not coming from anyone you personally know, Newspaper and Print Ads are netwrok marketing but delivered with an Avertising Agency Spin, Radio Ads are network marketing but delivered by voices the advertiser thinks you can trust and respond to. Think about how many times someone said, this TV show is great you have to watch it!, Wow what a great book read it!, This restaurant is awesome we have to go there together sometime!, You have to see this movie it was intense!, all of those things are netowrk marketing and you do it every day!

In the MLM world network marketing is generally coming from people you know and have a sense of trust with, or at least should have. The problem with MLM is that there are MANY dubious characters that will say anything to get you to join or employ the classic used car salesman approach (little old lady in Pasadena owned this car before you....) which has made many people fearful of it. In fact, the US and other governments now monitor Network Marketing and MLM based opportunities to ensure they are not scams and opportunistic, much in the way it is illegal to provide false advertising.

Why Network Marketing? Network marketing eliminates the middle man in distribution enabling a larger profit margin to both the company and the independent distributor. There are several types of Netowrk Marketing opportunities that are tied to the home business marketplace, this opportunity employs what's called a binary ladder. A Binary ladder has 2 legs, right and left, and every time somone enrolls through you they are placed on either leg, subsequent or the next generation of your enrollees are placed under the initial ones creating a ladder. Commissions are paid on individual and collective performance, but what differs in this business case is that ANYONE in the ladder can outearn and outperform even the top level of the network. It is set up for anyone to succeed. If you are not sure of your potential Netowrk or the Formula, ask lots of questions until you are satisfied, and if you are still unsre, walk away and investigate some other opportunity. Remember, you should get support from the person or people that sign you up. Another primary problem with MLM is that new enrollees are left stranded by bad network mentors leaving them with no support, no kmowledge, and very little hope of succeeding on their own, and ultimately failure.

Second - Pyramid Marketing - Pyramid Marketing is the grandaddy of the mass network marketing models. This is the one that everybody is feeling the pain from. In this model the one who makes the money is the one at the top of the chain and rarely do the people on the lower end see any type of income from! The idea is to build your pyramid from the bottom and work you way up going wide and deep from the top. The money all goes upwards and not to you. It is the largest of all the labeled scam marketing efforts because of that reason, the rich get richer and the new people are sacrificial lambs. Another thing to consider, it is very easy to label anything a pyramid scheme, it is everywhere around you. Look at the company you work for, Doesnt the Owner or CEO make more money than everyone else? Doesn't the guy in ,lets say, the shipping department or mailroom make the least income? That is a corporate pyramid! Does that make your company a scam? The Police Department is a pyramid, The Governemnt is a Pyramid, it is everywhere.

Not all netwrok marketing is deserving of the negative labels of MLM and Pyramid marketing, same as people do not like to be labeled because of their views, ethnicity, race,religion, preferences, or any other difference. There are some beneficial plans that can help the educated person start their own business. The best way to understand whether the plan is right for you is to fully understand and have the compensation plan spelled out with no gaps or misrepresentations. If you are looking at a plan, get  a second opinon on how it works if you are unsure. But be wary of those who take a short glance and then cry scam as they have been burned in the past and are biased, get an honset opinion. At the end of the day, those who feel scammed were responsible for educating themselves, understanding exactly what they were getting involved with, and own up to their own choices, not blame everyone else for their decision. You need to separate the facts from the hype in most cases.

OK then isn't this MLM or Pyramid Marketing?

Honestly, the answer is yes and no. It is NOT Pyramid Marketing and is  considered Network Marketing or MLM. Most scam marketing businesses  operate under the guidelines of having to purchase a minimum amount of products from their company in order to particiapte. This may require a significant investment, and if it does not work out, a significant loss. The Company and Opportunity does not require you to purchase a minimum amount of product, rather you decide what you feel comfortable doing. You can build up to the optimum levels once you learn more and understand how it works.

As described above, this is described as a Binary Ladder, meaning that it has only two legs. When a new distributor signs on, they are placed on either the right or the left side of their sponsor, and the new distributor gets their own tow "leg channels". Everyone who signs up is placed on either the right or left with no expceptions. Everyone up the chain gets credited on the overall performance of the network below them. (For example, Joe is on my left leg, he signs up Susan on his left leg, my next left leg person (Alice) will go under Susan; Joe and Susan will both get the sales volume from Alice.) There are no hidden items, no illusions here, click on the hyperlink if  you want to see the Compensation Plan (click link) and judge for yourself. This information is right on the company home page of , not hidden and given to you after you have comitted. In the plan there are 8 different ways to earn income and anyone can out earn or out perform the leader of the network you are affiliated with.

 What makes this different from other opportunities? I guess that is the million dollar question now isn't it. What makes this different is that is a real product that is having real results and with no minimum requirments on purchasing the product, it enables you to proceed at your own pace both monetarily and intellectually. A scam is mis-represention in a fradulent manner. The company does not make any medical claims or claim to be anything than what it is, a nutritional juice beverage. They are letting the people who are receiving benefit from it tell their story and the results they have received which has varied from person to person and circumstance to circumstance. From Cancer Patients to Diabetics, Arthritis and Joint Pain Sufferes to PMS symptoms, Smokers looking to quit to those looking for additional natural health avenues; people are seeing results and leading happier and healthier lives. It cannot be a scam if they offer a refund based on satisfaction and if there is a positive impact now can it? 

You do not have to be involved in network marketing to enjoy the benefits of the product.

As far as the opportunity, It is not difficult to build a strong network of your own, or to learn how to sign business volume clients, and share that success with all of your people. I encourage all of my candidates and those who are even exploring the idea to do their due dilligence and learn as much as they can about the product and your potential mentor network. Don't listen to people that have never tried the product and are biased because they failed at their attempts in their own business due to many of the reasons above,(which there are many online detractors) who will take any opportunity to shout at the wind because of their own embarassment of not doing their homework. You may even want to buy a bottle and try it yourself (or get a sample bottle or gel packs from your sponsor), ask others who have tried it, go and google it on its formal name Euterpe oleracea, and make up your own mind, don't be swayed or pushed in either direction, remember, after all, it is your choice, make it count as very few opportunities like this will come along in a lifetime.


 The Product  Is Producing Results - From a health standpoint, the Product line is having a beneficial impact on those who are drinking it on a regular basis.  (Click here for a list of those poeple I have either personally given a bottle to or had a one on one discussion with them on what their own response is to taking it.) While there is no specific medical claims, the scientific research is supporting the results that are being expressed. Many of the ingredients are well documented for their properties in relation to nutrition and health. Professional Athletes are signing on as a distributors such as a member of the Boston Red Sox pitching staff after having some arm troubles (That hurts me to even type it as a die hard Yankee Fan! I already have a call into the Yankees Trainer to send them a free case or two to help their rash of injuries.), A NASCAR Driver providing commentary on the benefits he recieved towards his recovery from injuries sustained following a tremendous wreck he had, Oprah Winfrey discussing the benefits of Acai products with Dr. Perricone, and the high profile status of being part of the gift suite at this years Oscar Awards, speaks volumes about the product itself (See the Testomonials and Quotes Page for their Information) . The Product isn't the concern in regards to scamming, it's the health of the network sponsors you work through.

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