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Here you will find links to informational resources on Acai, The truth about Network Marketing, Testimonials of Acai and Product users, and other useful information.

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Welcome to the Acai Berry Man website and information portal. This site is to provide a resource to learn about Acai, it's natural health benefits, My company's Active and Original  Acai Blends(I am an independent distributor), and to honestly discuss Network Marketing.

You will notice that the company name is being witheld on this site. As part of my obligation and agreement, I am not able to broadcast or advertise the company name until permitted to do so as stipulated in the distributor agreement and guidelines. Stay tuned for further updates on the status and launch of my own branded website in the future. If you wish to see the branded information pages please go to my sanctioned website at www.AShotOfHealth.Com.

Information contained on this site has been pulled from many different sources and authors; some is of my own creation.

This website will be constantly eveolving, check back often for more information and updates. Email me if you want to be notified when changes are made to the site.

Click on the links provided below to access the information you are seeking. I am hoping these pages will be useful to those wanting more information regarding Acai; whether to begin a regimen of taking the product or considering becoming a distributor as a business opportunity. As a reminder, if you have allergies, it is best to consult a physician or nutritionist before taking any new nutritional or dietary supplements.

First things first - Dispelling the myths and untruths:

You have to become a distributor - You do not have to become a distributor to try or use the product to take advantage of wholesale prices.  You can look it like you are joining a wholeslae club like Sams or BJs, pay the membership fee, purchase at wholesale. You do not have to do anything else unless you want to.

No Escape / Risk - There are no contracts, obligations, or minimum purchases required. You can walk away at anytime. There is also satisfaction guaranteed, return the bottles and 1 empty for a full refund.

It is Expensive / Costs Too Much - It is only expensive and costly if you think that an average of $2-$4 (depends on how much you consume) a day is too much to spend on your health. You spend more than that at Starbucks every day.

Now on to the information:

Acai Information Pagea link to facts and resources to learn about Acai, it's orgins, benefits, and nutritional information.

Company Information - a link to information regarding the  Active & Original Blends.  Testimonials of those who have actually tried the product and the results they have experiecned are located here.

Business To Business Clients - a link to my dedicated page strictly geared at the next generation of  enabling Health, Wellness and Fitness industry service business clients to achieve greater revenues and incomes through business plans developed exclusively for their unique models.

Network Marketing - Honest talk about network marketing, the fears,  and failures