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Steam Vacuum Cleaning

steam vacuum cleaning
    vacuum cleaning
  • A vacuum cleaner (sometimes referred to as a Hoover, a genericized trademark) is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal.
  • (vacuum cleaner) A domestic or industrial mobile machine for cleaning floors and similar surfaces that draws dust and other particles into a container (often a bag) by the suction created by an electric motor driving a fan
  • (vacuum cleaner) vacuum: an electrical home appliance that cleans by suction
  • The invisible gaseous form of water, formed by boiling, from which this vapor condenses
  • steamer: travel by means of steam power; "The ship steamed off into the Pacific"
  • water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere
  • The expansive force of this vapor used as a source of power for machines
  • emit steam; "The rain forest was literally steaming"
  • The vapor into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air
steam vacuum cleaning - Irobot Roomba
Irobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Irobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot
iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans routinely so you don't have to. At iRobot, we know messes accumulate daily in busy homes and, when you share your home with pets, things can get really hairy! That's why we designed the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series especially for pet owners. You'll be amazed at the amount of pet hair, kitty litter, paw prints, dirt and debris that Roomba picks up from your carpets and hard floors. Easily schedule Roomba 562 to clean whenever and wherever you want - up to seven times per week. Roomba efficiently navigates and cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges. Virtual Wall Lighthouses confine and guide Roomba from room to room, then direct it to the Home Base to dock and recharge between cleanings. The cleaning head automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors for the most efficient suction and pickup. Two interchangeable cleaning bins provide the potion for everyday vacuuming or heavy duty cleaning in hairier and dirtier areas. A set of replaceable brushes, two extra filters and two cleaning tools help ensure the most efficient cleaning performance.

76% (6)
Steam cleaner/vacuum
Steam cleaner/vacuum
We've never used the vacuum function, but the steam cleaner works great. Keeps the floors super clean. Comes with 3 cleaning pads. 80,000
May 30, 2010 [229/365]
May 30, 2010 [229/365]
Vacuum, steam vacuum, sweep, steam mop. Tools of the trade for another long day cleaning floors at the house.

steam vacuum cleaning
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