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Pictures Of Cleaning People

pictures of cleaning people
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Cleaned Up
Cleaned Up
The "Pictures from Punch" book from which these pictures were taken was lavishly printed on very high quality ivory colored paper, and like the magazine "Punch" in which the cartoons first appeared was bought and appreciated chiefly by the educated upper middle class ~ doctors, lawyers, bankers, university lecturers, army and naval officers, writers and artists, teachers and the higher echelons of management. I have tried showing a "cleaned up" version of the pictures but most people who have contacted me or commented on the page prefer the "ivory" version which I shall post in future, unless further feedback causes me to do otherwise.

For me these cartoons present a fascinating record of the mores and morals of society over a hundred years ago. The "Victorians" (as we call them in Britain) were industrious, moral, sometimes snobbish and only unconsciously racist (although there is at least one cartoon that I am still undecided whether to post ~ even though the humor revolves around the misunderstandings of children rather than a direct attempt to insult black people). Sometimes, in fact often, the cartoons are actually funny ~ and almost every genre of humor that we enjoy today was fully established when they were first published.
Clean Front
Clean Front
2/16/11 I don't take a lot of pictures of people. It's outside of my comfort zone. But, part of this project is trying to break out of that, so here's a person picture. She was cleaning the front of the building. I was sitting in another restaurant, eating and taking pictures through the window. Lensbaby.

pictures of cleaning people
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