How To Clean Aluminum Gutters

how to clean aluminum gutters
    aluminum gutters
  • Aluminum is a moderately priced and rust-resistant material popular with newer installations. It comes unfinished or factory-painted. The downside is that aluminum tends to leak at joints because the metal expands and contracts too much for sealant to hold permanently. It also dents easily.
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how to clean aluminum gutters - LeafBlaster Micro
LeafBlaster Micro Mesh Gutter Guard. Stainless steel gutter cover shields out debris. 24 Feet, fits 5 inch gutter.
LeafBlaster Micro Mesh Gutter Guard. Stainless steel gutter cover shields out debris. 24 Feet, fits 5 inch gutter.
The LeafBlaster Gutter Protection System consists of three main components: a front anodized aluminum drip edge; a type 316 stainless steel V-Bend mesh filter mesh; and a water siphon control strip under the mesh. This type of gutter guard can be installed on various gutter types such as Ogee, half round, fascia, curved, box and many type of roofs such as asphalt shingle, wood shake, flat tile, Spanish tile and stone coated steel. LeafBlaster's specifications were uniquely designed so that it simply slips under the roof shingles and rests on top of the roof-deck/water-barrier (tar paper) to "clamp" the gutter guard in place and stabilize its structure. The solid aluminum front fits snuggly to the front lip of the gutter via three self-tapping screws for each four foot length section. LeafBlaster should be installed at a 10 to 30 degree pitch in order to maximize product performance.
Eliminates gutter cleaning forever!
Easy installation
Handles over 150 inches of hourly rainfall!
Fits on existing rain gutters, no need to replace existing rain gutters.
Barely visible from the ground!
Fits on virtually any existing rain gutter and roof type.
The lowest cost stainless steel gutter guard protection available anywhere
Keeps out wasps and other pests
Filtered water can also be used in rainwater harvesting!
Will not degrade with exposure to the suns UV rays.
Does not require replacement of existing gutters!
Includes self tapping screws that easily screw through the aluminum from edge into the gutter.
Fits 5 inch gutters and each piece is 4 feet long.
Note: Total order will include 1 manual, 3 self taping screws for each 4 foot section, 1 hex driver, and 1 corner brackets per 24 feet. When the sections are shipped in multiple boxes all of these additional parts may be in one of the boxes. Boxes may also be combined for fewer boxes.

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There is no "2 second rule" in this house
There is no "2 second rule" in this house
You know that cute little saying in your mostly clean kitchen, when you drop that tasty piece of candy on the floor, and someone says "2 second rule" (the number of seconds varies per household) before you pick it up to quickly dust/rinse it off before you pop it into your mouth? Well, that rule doesn't work in a chicken farm kitchen, where rats so invest the grounds that you're compelled to leave poison blocks the size of small hunks of cheese on your kitchen and pantry floor as a line of defense against the little devils. Rats, coyotes, and other varmints are the bane of a chicken farmer and Steve especially hates rats. Even after 6 years of diligently working to rid his farm of them in every way possible, we still killed a couple as we were walking the grounds that afternoon. How? Steve spotted some long tails hanging down out of the corrogated aluminum siding along the outside of one of the walls (they like to run in the little horizontal gutters in the siding). He promptly took a 5-foot length of sturdy, black rubber tubing and whacked it as hard as he could against the siding, knocking the critters out cold. By the way, the rats aren't a nuisance because they eat the chickens (that's the coyotes) - the rats are a costly nuisance because they chew through wiring (to manage the growth of their teeth), they eat the chicken feed, and they can spread disease that harms/kills the chickens. It's an age-old battle that will never end.
Installing aluminum gutters
Installing aluminum gutters
Avoided vinyl gutters by going with seamless aluminum gutters. Wanted to reuse some of our old stuff, but the contractor was already specifying 6" (instead of 4") gutters.

how to clean aluminum gutters
how to clean aluminum gutters
Gutter Screen Set of 5 (Brown) (35"L x 6 1/2"W (each of 5 panels))
Keep your gutters clean and free of debris with these brown finished flexible gutter screens. This set of five mesh gutter covers keeps out debris including tiny maple "helicopters" and pine needles to maximize water flow. The gutter filter slides under shingles and snaps securely into the front gutter lip to prevent expensive water-related damage. Made of UV-stabilized, vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh on vinyl screen. Stays flat and won't sag. Works with all 4" and 5" metal gutters, and most vinyl gutters (providing they have a horizontal lip along the outer edge). Cut to size; no screws or drilling required. Set will cover about 14 feet of gutter. Lip measures 1/2" wide. .

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