Clean Your Teeth At Home

clean your teeth at home
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clean your teeth at home - Waterpik Waterflosser
Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W
Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W
Convenient, hand held, cordless dental water jet for healthy gums.

Easier and more effective than flossing with string, the Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser WP 360 powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline for a deep, thorough clean. Two custom tips deliver low- or high-pressure cleaning to meet your needs. And its rechargeable, battery-free design provides convenience and flexibility.
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Waterpik Cordless
Water Flosser WP 360
At a glance:
Easier and more effective than string flossing; cleans teeth and massages gums

Device takes up less countertop space

Two tips deliver high or low water pressure

Cordless, rechargeable design requires no batteries

Backed by a one-year warranty

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Waterpik Cordless Waterflosser WP 360

WP 360 is clinically proven to be up to twice as effective as string floss at improving gum health. View larger.

Waterpik Cordless Waterflosser WP 360

Click here for a detailed comparison.
More Effective and Comfortable Than Floss
Finally, there is an easier, more effective alternative to string floss: the Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser WP 360. The WP 360 is ideal for those who don't like to floss, as well as for anyone who wants a deep clean that floss simply can't provide. Water flossing for about a minute a day conveniently and comfortably removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and gently massages the gums to improve overall oral health. The WP 360 is clinically proven to be up to twice as effective as string floss at improving gum health.
Two Tips Clean in Specialized Ways
For a customized clean, choose between the High-Pressure Classic Jet Tip or the Low-Pressure Classic Jet Tip. The High-Pressure Classic Jet Tip is best for general use. It cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline for healthier gums. The Low-Pressure Classic Jet Tip is ideal for gently cleaning sensitive areas of the gums.
Rechargeable Design Provides Flexibility
The cordless, rechargeable design of the WP 360 lets you walk away from the charger for maximum mobility and convenience. Never worry about batteries running out. Simply recharge the unit between uses. In addition, the WP 360's improved shape takes up less space on the bathroom countertop.
The Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser WP 360 is backed by a one-year warranty.
About Water Pik, Inc.: Treat Yourself Better
Since 1962, Water Pik, Inc. has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral health care products. Over the years, Water Pik has acquired more than 500 patents, maintaining a steadfast commitment to developing innovative products that enable people to treat themselves better. Waterpik brand products are recognized for their award-winning design and technology.
With the number-one recommended Water Flosser, Waterpik is one of the most trusted oral-health brands of dental professionals throughout the world. The company is committed to developing products that not only enhance the health and well-being of customers, but also conserve water and energy.
What's in the Box
One Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser WP 360, one High-Pressure Classic Jet Tip, one Low-Pressure Classic Jet Tip, Owner's Manual, and Quick Start Guide.

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THE GRIM REAPER STRIKES OUT This Mercury Retrograde wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the Grim Reaper, although once again he left with only his dick in his hands. At work, my staff are very compassionate and know my grandmother is sick. I said in passing to my Receiving supervisor, “Why does she allow herself to be in torment like this? Why doesn’t she just let go?!” And Duane looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears. “Because she wants to LIVE like the rest of us!” he exclaimed, offering a reality check that shined a light on how different I am from the people I work with. I don’t believe that death is the end. I believe it is a transition. What’s important, however, is what my grandmother believes, and she’s a die-hard atheist. The old broad has always said, “Heaven and hell are right here on earth – there’s a little bit of heaven and a whole lot of hell!” She, like her oldest daughter, believes that after death there is nothing, and so, for better or for worse, this life is the only shot they’ve got. Last week, my grandmother, Thelma, went back to the hospital for a serious infection caused by chronic and inoperable kidney stones. She’s almost 87, and it was the second time in the last three months, too. About two weeks ago, a respiratory thing went through her rest home like wildfire and it left Thelma’s immune system depressed (Notice to Visitors: If you aren’t feeling well, rethink your visit, please). The infection reared up, this time presenting with a new kind of bacteria. Her nurse, Joyce, the one that can communicate with her and read her well, was on vacation. The home’s doctor prescribed a wide spectrum antibiotic that did nothing, and by the end of that week, she was too sick and confused to take any of her pills no matter which pool nurse was talking too loudly in her face. When she got to the emergency room, she was dehydrated, dirty, seemingly uncared for, making no sense whatsoever, and very, very sick. She even had open sores on her shins where the shin socks had rubbed through (telling me she fought the rest home staff who tried to help or clean her – her skin is very thin, easily torn – and she despises when people mess with her feet or legs more than anything). The sicker Thelma gets, the more difficult Thelma gets. By this time, she was spitting at people (hit the bull’s-eye, mommy), an undignified behavior that she would deny were she better, although it does encourage people to leave her alone. I guess in a way, it serves it purpose. As per usual, it took two days for her bacteria culture to return from the lab. This is how they’ll know what specific antibiotic to administer. During those two days, and for some idiotic reason, hospital staff continued to struggle with Thelma and oral medication, which resulted in her getting no medication at all for her stomach, pain, arthritis or anything else. Those pills were being fired all around her hospital room (p-too!). By Wednesday, she wasn’t just in a state, ranting, chanting and worried; she had achieved a completely new plateau of freaked out. She was in anguish this time, beyond mere torment, crying with real tears, and was absolutely inconsolable, as she was back in November. She wanted her mother. She was worried she was a bad girl. She wanted to go home. She didn’t want to die. When the nurse gave her a derivative of morphine, I watched my grandmother fight that medication tooth and nail because she was sure she would die if she fell asleep. This is a demonstration of incredible will and sure fire fear. At one point Wednesday night I asked her, “Are you scared?” and she answered, “Scared shitless.” There was my grandmother, called “Mam” by her grandchildren, under all that muttered misery, the thread of her consciousness still visible, although the hospital staff just put dementia on her chart. She’d claimed the word “shit” as hers long before I was born. I stood there at her bedside, stroking her forehead, trying to catch a bit of what she said through the cluttered muck of her muttering, and I watched her wage a spiritual war with herself. I wonder … maybe it was the Grim Reaper come to visit, with his long black cloak, the scythe at his side, worrying Thelma with promises of darkness and bleak finality, whether or not she thought the job was well done or even complete. Maybe it was He who made her tired, draining her life’s spark with his empty, skull socket eyes and downloading what was left of her kidneys. Perhaps it was the threat of his final vow that had her so terribly frightened. Who are we to say what it was had her so upset … after all, it is her beliefs that shape her experience. I know what I saw, though. And I know my grandmother. Thelma, in her pain and confusion, was distilled once again by the onslaught of her illness. She was a little girl, calling out to her mother, and afraid that she had been bad. She’d never been bad to me. She’s neve
Taiwan and playing footsie with men with strong hands…
Taiwan and playing footsie with men with strong hands…
I was invited to Taipei for a meeting to give a talk on a new product and which I happily accepted, since I have not been here for 12 years. Once I had arrived and checked in, I dropped off my bags and found the nearest Taiwan beef noodles, it was a non-descript little shop but…“So good....” ? Came back did the meeting with the Japanese Nidek reps, then headed out for dinner – Shanghai style, at a posh place – took some pics, you will like this place – “so good.....” again ? ? Traffic here is worse than Singapore and it was raining all the time...good thing I brought my rain coat. Then I went to the hi fi place – I need your help in restraining me from buying another pair of speakers... so cheap.... I decided to take the bus home, as the 7-11 lady said it was easy. So I walked all the way to this bus stop, it was raining and I was trying hard to interpret the signs, when a lady helped me out and there was a young lady next to her who was also taking the same bus. I found out that she was going home after taking English classes and we talked a bit. It turns out she was looking for direction in life and studies. So during the bus-ride I counseled her on how to approach her future, and what future studies she should take. At the end, we got off at the same stop and she even paid for my bus! I am glad God used me to help someone again. The meeting was not too bad, but it felt a little like Vegas when a lady in really skimpy shorts walked about with a sign board advertising for some drug…. Not the kind of stuff you see in Singapore… I was really glad I took my Chinese lessons well, as it proved quite useful, being the go between for the Japs, Taiwanese and even the Chinese. Of course it has its drawn backs, when the host tells a bawdy joke in Taiwanese and expects you to translate it for the Jap… anyway, I simply tell the Jap MD that “our Taiwanese colleague is telling us a dirty joke….” A friend brought my out for dinner and after eating the best beef noodle in Taipei, we went for a foot massage…. The last time I did this was way back in 2003 and i have some painful memories of an enthusiastic lady trying to rip my toes off… so I did approach this with some trepidation. We go to a popular shop for this, and we are introduced to our seats on the first floor. The first step is to dip your feet into a nice warm basin of water, with a slight pink colour, which I assume is some kind of disinfectant, so that our massagers’ hands won’t have to do their work on grotty feet. Of course, that still does not mean customers take much care and they have hand to do their work on Hong Kong feet too… Then they being their work… which is a processing of tenderizing your feet and kneading them into soft meat. They seem to take pleasure from seeing you squirm and clench your teeth in sheer pain. Seriously, I feel like someone was sitting on my nuts… of course it did not help that he was probably trying impress me with his strength and ‘skills’… I left the shop feeling battered and wobbly, but I noticed that it was highly popular, so I guess we all enjoy a little bit of pain here and there, maybe it makes us alive… Speaking of pain, things did not get better the next day. We went for mass, which was very good, with very soothing hymns and a great sermon. Next to the church, just 2 buildings away was a mosque, remarkable tolerance I would say. We walked for many miles and finally found some You Tiao with Sao Bing… it seems even Taiwanese no longer eat this. It was refreshing and gave me strength try walking up Elephant Hill for views of the city. Now normally I am no whiner, and enjoy my hikes. It seems like a plot to weaken my legs with a hard pounding by a man with strong arms first, then do a hike the very next morning. 300m does not sound like a lot, but after you have your legs tenderised, each step does feel like a mile. However all is worth it with a view that is tranquil and seems far away from the maddening din below. The air is clean and the view quite nice. You also see the tall 101 Tower in the foreground and the city around it. But fatigue does take its toll and after lunch, I feel a desperate need to head back to my hotel, where I collapse on my bed and only awake at dinner. With some help from two ladies at the concierge, I find my supermarket and wipe out the entire roasted beef noodle section. I also grab a few more goodies and make the short trek back to my hotel happily to retire. All being said, the combination of a good pounding, great views and catching up with an old friend was a great 3 days. This things don’t often come by and when you add the chance to counsel a young person on their future makes this a good trip. Amen.

clean your teeth at home
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