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Hockey Goalie Pants

hockey goalie pants
    hockey goalie
  • The goaltender (also known colloquially as the goalie, goaler, or netminder, or from football: goalkeeper or keeper) in ice hockey is the player who defends his team's goal net by stopping shots of the puck from entering his team's net, thus preventing the opposing team from scoring.
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Face off just inside the offensive zone
Face off just inside the offensive zone
That's me wearing Matty's old, original Horde jersey (#16... I normally wore #7), which at that point had become his practice/pickup-game jersey and STUNK like Hell. I'd shown up to this Championship game on a nice sunday afternoon without my jersey or inline hockey pants, so Matt dug into his car's hatch and pulls out this dingy, almost stiff-with-dried-sweat jersey and hands it to me. There was no way I could drive home to DC and back before the game started as I'd definitely miss 1/2 the game. Since you can't play without a numbered jersey in a matching color to your team, I had no choice. So I was the guy opponents and teammates alike could smell coming before they saw me! Ha! I did score a goal in this game and I joked after that I only beat the goalie because he was downwind of me when I fired the shot and the stench of the jersey had his eyes watering so he never saw me shoot. HAHA!
IMG 5118e
IMG 5118e
Both goalies use Vaughn C/A protectors. If you zoom in to the original size image, you'll notice that Manny's C/A (the one on the right) looks like it has a lot of extra wrap-around padding on the side-ribs. He also has a skate lace thru the front to anchor the belly pad to his pants (seen that before) and the tie-down "fight strap" from a jersey attached to the back, and idea I hadn't seen before and which now fascinates me. Might have to try that on mine...

hockey goalie pants