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Meet Mrs. Koopman


Hello everyone!  I'm Mrs. Koopman and I teach Social Studies on Acadia Team 6-1.  Let me tell you a bit about me.  I have been teaching here at Shen since 2003. Teaching is actually my second career.  Before that I was an information systems manager for General Electric & The NYS Office of Mental Health.  I am sort of a computer geek!

I have 2 children which you will hear a lot about throughout the year.  

My daughter Alisa graduated from Shen in 2007.  She earned her degree in Marketing from the University at Buffalo.  She was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 and swam on the UB women's Division I swim team.   She now lives in and works in NYC.  She works really hard, is super organized, and loves to have fun.  She has the best laugh -- we call it the Alisa cackle!

My son Josh graduated from Shen in 2010 and earned a degree in communications from SUNY Cortland with a Sports Management minor.  Josh lives, eats, and breathes basketball and has since he was 5!  Josh was known as the Shen "Spirit Guy".  At the football games, he painted his face and ran up and down the sidelines carrying the Shen flag.  Josh played Varsity basketball for Shen and travel club basketball for Cortland.  There are always a lot of stories about Josh's crazy antics!

 I am SO proud of both of my kids!

Of course, we also have Jazzie, our crazy yellow lab who we rescued.  She is sweet but goes nuts for Italian bread.  She has been known to eat 3 loaves at one time when we aren't looking!  


I love to sing, dance, and act.  Yes, I am a GLEEK! I love to read and can't wait to make my way through my reading wish list.   I like to scrapbook and am trying to wade through the pictures that have piled up over the years.  And I love to attend sporting events and activities-- especially those of my students.  I love to watch kids enjoying their activities -- SO INVITE ME to any of your games or activities!  If I can make them, I will.

 That's all for now.  You will find out lots more during our time together.  I certainly am looking forward to learning more about all of you!