AHS Wreckin' Rams Library

ConnectEd Library

Welcome to the Acadiana High School library.  It is our intent to use our library space to connect students, teachers, parents, and the community in the learning process.

AHS Library Media Center Mission Statement
The AHS Library's mission is to develop independent, self-sufficient thinkers who embody the necessary skills to locate, evaluate, and analyze information sources.  Furthermore, we will encourage a passion for literacy through our promotion of reading and writing.

In order to support our mission of developing independent thinkers who are passionate about literacy, library materials will be selected to support these goals.  The materials selected will inform, educate, explain, describe processes, foster morals and values, and entertain students.  Moreover, materials will promote cultural diversity and cover a side array of topics of interest to students and faculty broadening their knowledge of the world around them.  Materials will reflect multiple viewpoints and manifest in print and non print formats.  Finally, materials housed in the library will support district and state curricular goals.

AHS Library Motto
Seek, Process, Create...

Library Hours
6:45 AM - 3:00 PM

Acadiana High School Mission Statement
Acadiana High School is committed to academic excellence that challenges all students to reach their highest potential.