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Computer History Project


Due to things beyond my control this project is concelled . Your new assignment is a written test to replace the multi-media project. You may use your notes.

Computer History Webquest

Computers have been a part of our everyday life, both at home and at school. Not too long ago, this wasn't true. Only about 25 years ago the first personal computer, or PC, was made available. Look at the computer you are sitting in front of...that is a PC. Before that time, computers were mainly used by colleges and universities, and business. 

The Task:
The purpose of this webquest it to learn about the history of computers and their development and how they have impacted society, mainly you and the world around you. You will then create a interactive timeline chronlogically displaying the events you have selected. 

The Process:
Step 1: Use the following links to research advances in computing. Select 10 events, one per century,every 100 years or so, and record the following in a Circle Map, Note taking style, or summarize in Word.( Plagarizing not allowed, finished products with text must not be copied and pasted from internet source.Will result in point reduction.)

Include in notes for each event: 1-Date, 2-What was it, 3-Who, and 4-what made this event or invention a good thing. You will need this information for the timeline entry.

Example: The invention of the computer by Charles Baggage in 1822 was the first mechanic computer. Without this invention the present day computer might not have existed. 

The resources to visit:


6. About.com: History of Computers

Add Music?

Next Step
Create a timeline using

Under My Capzles find the timeline I created entitle "Computer History Timeline Sample" by Mrs. Cook. Look over the timeline notice how I added an image, and a discription of the event, the date, who, and what made it a good thing for society.
At this point you will need to save images to a folder. You will search the search engine of your choice, create a new folder, add your name and project "timeline" and save it to picture folder. Instruction will displayed on board whole class.

Sources for Images

When you are done with the project you are to sent it to me through the classroom gmail account. Do not sent  it until you have looked over the Rubric found under attachments below and completed at the required elements. The email needs to have:

Your name and project title in the subject line.
A link to the project in the body of the email.
A brief summary of your project in the body.
Your complete name : ex. Cordially, Mrs. Cook

Dessalee Cook,
Oct 10, 2010, 7:16 PM