Welcome to the Academy of Basketball

My name is Paul Nolette, I am the owner and will be starting my 14th year of providing quality instruction in the York County area for boys and girls aging from 3 years old to seniors in high school.

During this time, I have provided instruction to over 1000 children. This rising number confirms my belief that Parents are looking for activities for their children that will not only challenge them in athletic endeavors, but also provide an environment which will allow them to grow socially by gaining self confidence.

The Academy provides the “CARROT” that at times allows your child to gain the needed confidence to make a significant change in who they are. You will find the Academy places an emphasis on Respect, Hard Work and Having Fun.

The Academy prides itself in providing a unique atmosphere, where your child will be challenged in all areas, that everyone has a name (and I’ll remember it), everyone has value to the program (including the parents) and teaching can be taught through a proactive approach focusing on the individuals strengths.

Hope to see you soon!