Samuel Kwok's Ip Man Wing Chun Vietnam

Bai Si with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
Bai Shi with GM Samuel Kwok
Fresh air and quaint surroundngs @ camp

Ip Man (or Yip Man) Wing Chun intensive, full time training camps (1 week to 1 year or longer) are now available in Vietnam. Camps are held in a monastic, mountain retreat in Tay Ninh, and include historic excursions to Chinese (Cantonese and Fukkien) temples in Chinatown,  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for research and training. Email or call +841229758606 for more information.
Ip Man Wing Chun Long Pole, Cholon Pagoda

Being a direct closed door , Bai Si disciple of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, I can personally teach you the Ip Man Wing Chun system, with al the family secrets,  as it was passed down directly from GGM Ip Man to his sons,  GM Ip Chun and Ip Ching, who have both endorsed GM Samuel Kwok as their official representative worldwide.

At our training camp

Of all the martial arts disciplines we offer, it is my humble personal opinion that Ip Man Wing Chun is both the simplest and most effective empty hand self defense systems. This streamlined simplicity applies to weapons as well. Despite the Wing Chun System containing only 2 weapons FORMS, it is in fact relevant and effective for ALL WEAPONS, as is evidenced by being able to walk into so many kuens (training halls) in Hong Kong and China, and see every type of traditional martial art weapon imaginable in there.

Guangdong training w/Sifu Leung & his lineage & history written in Chinese.
Sum Nung Yuen Kay Shan Lineage
Sum Nung Yuen Kay Shan Wing Chun Quingyuan, Guangdong,  China

I am also one of the few instructors who has trained in both the Ip Man and Sum Nung Systems. I am a third generation disciple of Grandmaster Ip Man, and a 4th generation disciple of Sum Nung. So, which one is better? BOTH are top rate, but different styles have different emphasis, and some things were passed down to or retained by one but not the other. For its speed, efficiency & simplicity, however, I personally  prefer the Ip Man system, which is what we focus on in our training camps and curriculum.  I am also one of the few Westerners, ("White boys") who has had the privilege of not only studying, but also teaching Wing Chun in both Hong Kong and throughout mainland China, as well as to the Chinese and native communities in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Me, on the wooden dummy in Hong Kong, 2013 & w/ GM Samuel Kwok in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia , 2011
Wooden Dummy (Mok Yang Jong ) training in Hong Kong

Lovely gift from Sifu

Due to my personal preferences for the speed, efficiency, and most effective energy application, I primarily focus on Ip Man Wing Chun. As an instructor of Sum Nung / Yuen Kay Shan lineage I can also 
show you how and why the Ip Man techniques, usually adapted to make Wing Chun quicker and more efficient in combat, to provide the optimum balance of hard & soft or other Yin Yang complements, or to optimize the application of energy, and minimize the risk of one's energy being used against oneself, evolved.

With Sibak Patrick Leung & my student, Nabil in Hong Kong . 
Trey Woodford with Sifu Patrick Leung Hong Kong

Ip man, when teaching the general public, omitted some of his some techniques, saying they were too dangerous to teach the public. I, however, have been made privy to those techniques as a disciple of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, and other deadly secrets by my sifus in the "Guangzhou" style. I also have been honored to learn secrets from other Chinese Wing Chun masters of special family styles whom I have been privileged to associate with in China, assuring you that I can help you achieve the most powerful and effective Kung Fu possible. For more details on our intensive, full time, 1 week to 1 year training camps (M-F, minimum 6 hours per day) contact us at or +841229758606.
ip Man Chisao in Jakarta Park
Teaching Ip Man Wing Chun to Sifu Ario Bondham,  national head of Jeet Kune Do. Indonesia.
Teaching Ip Man Wing China to Sifu Ario Bondhan, National head of Jeet Kune Do Indonesia, & teaching Chisao to an Indonesian Chinese student, in a park in Jakarta.
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