Wudang Mountain Internal Kung Fu

Learn Internal Kung Fu & San Feng Taichi in it's birthplace from direct descendents of founder Grand Master San Feng Zhang


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We are now proud to be partnered with the Academy of Genuine Wudang Taoist Kungfu to offer you the purest forms of San Feng Tai Chi, and Wudang Kung Fu in the place of their origin, the very birthplace of Tai Chi.

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Wudang Mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site endowed with stunning scenery superlatively conducive to the relaxation of Tai Chi. It is here that Grand Master Zhang invented Tai Chi after watching a snake being attacked by a bird, and resisting the hard attacks of the bird with it's softness until it finally overcame the avian assailant's assaults.

Wudang Mountain is to Tai Chi and internatl Kung Fu what the Shaolin Temple is to Kung Fu, and thus one of the most important martial arts pilgrimage sites in the world. Not only that, but the teachings here are still pure and authentic, and the Masters here teach the same internal kung fu that was taught here in the beginning.

Here you can practice not only Tai Chi and Kung Fu, but the internal aspects that help make Tai Chi both effective and healthy, through Taoist Health courses and 5 Day Daoist Regimen courses as well, if desired.

The Masters on Wudang Mountain are the real deal. Wang Taike, Guan Yongxing, and Zhong Xueyong are truly world class Tai Chi Masters, with their training being traceable directly back to Grand Master Zhang.

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