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Wang TaiKe

He was born in a noble family of traditional chinese medicine at Luming Mountain in NanYang, Henan Province. He was taught medicine by his father since childhood, concentrated on clinical medicine and chirurgery and learned the knowledge of collecting, cultivating and the Chinese herbal medicine.
   He came to Mountain Wudang to study the “Dao” in 1983, during which he stayed far away from utility and fame and got rid of the profane world. He dedicated himself to Daoist philosophy and Wudang school, which inherit and spread the fine tradition of helping the society and aiding the people.
  From 1988 to 1996, he has been the committee director of TaiHe temple in Wudang Mountian.
  From 1998 to 2003, he has managed Xu Di Palace of Yuntai Mountain and Sanxuan Temple of Jingmen city. Meanwhile   he was appointed as a member in political Consulation Committee of Jing Zhou.
  2003 till today, he returned to Wudang Mountain and has been doing the research of daoist medicine, Qigong, Zhouyi and so on.
  He has published: “The powerful medicine and its nature”, “12 fine ways for health care”etc.


Guan Yongxing

Guan Yongxing: male. He was born in Fuyang City in Henan Province 。He started to learn kungfu in a local martial arts school at the age of 11. Two years later, he was selected to be a will-be warrior of Wudang Kungfu Troupe because of his outstanding performance; he began to go abroad with the troupe to impart Wudang Wushu and culture. He has been to many countries and regions such as Malaysia, Greece, Brunei, the Netherlands, Hongkong, Macao and so on. On behalf of himself, he has also done a very good job: in 2001 and 2002, he went in for the kungfu championship held by Henan Province and Zhengzhou City respectively, and got two winners and runners-up.
In July 2001, he was sent along with the government kungfu delegation to take part in the second session of kungfu exhibition for the ethinic groups and was honored as “ the national third –class actor” by Chinese center government. He has given performances to many national leaders.
 Now he is a coach of Wudang Toaist Wudshu school .


Zhong Xueyong

     Zhong Xueyong: male, Taoist, born the disciple of the 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Kungfu, born in Yangxin County, Hubei Province.  
     He has been a disciple of master Zhong Yunlong since his arrival ti Wudang Mountains in 1991. During his stay in Wudang Mountains, he was lucky enough to get directions from those respected masters and access to the original wudang kungfu such as Eight Diagram School (Bagua Pai), Taiji School (Taiji Pai), Eight Immortal School (Baxian Pai), Form-and-Will School (Xingyi Pai), Eight Extreme School (Baji Pai), Xuanwu School (Xuanwu Pai), Wudang Taoism Regimen and so on.
       In March   1995, he was selected as tutor by Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy. In August 1996, he got an award in the competition with those American peers. In March 1997, he was chosen to be a member of Chinese Wudang Kungfu Seminar, undertaking the task of sorting out, studying, and teaching wudang kungfu. In the same year, he got a prize in the exchange game with Shaolin peers. In June 1998, he worked as coach of the kungfu mission. In September of this year, he was recommended to be a member of Xinhua (Hunan) Branch of Chinese Martial Arts Research Institute, undertaking the task of studying Eight Diagram Palm (Baguazhang), Taijiquan, Form-and-Will Boxing (xingyiquan). In April 1999, with the agreement of his teachers, he opened a school named Wudang Wushu School at the foot of Wudang Mountains, spreading original wudang wushu. His school was widely well known by the local P.E Committee as well as those experienced masters. In March 2000, when Wudang Taoism Kung Fu Academy were being established, he along with his students was summoned back to Wudang Mountains by his coach. He worked as office dean in charge of the teaching and reception affairs. In 2001, on behalf of wudang wushu, he was sent to Nanjing to take part in the first get-together of 6 major sets of Chinese kungfu, namely, shaolin, Wudang, Kongtong, Emei, Huashan, and Lama in Tibet. This is the unparalleled event since 500 years ago, aiming to do volunteer exhibitions for the success of “Beijing’s Bid For Olympics”. In July 2002,at the invitation of “Sino-American Culture Promotion Committee” in New York, he was sent to America to do traveling show as well as impart wudang Taoist regimen along with the delegation. During his stay there, he was warmly welcomed by the nationals and state congress members. Meanwhile, on behalf of wudang wushu, he did martial arts exchange with the peers from American Shaolin Temple. In December of this year, he attended the kungfu exhibition named “Wudang Style, Macao Sentiment” in celebration of the third anniversary of Macao’s return to motherland. In April 2003, he was sent to Taiwan to impart wudang wushu.