Thai and Khmer Fighting Arts Camp in Vietnam

With Bokator Grandmaster Sean Kim San Bokator Academy, Siem Reap, Cambodia

We offer intensive, full time training camps in Thai and Khmer Fighting arts , in one of the most beautiful,  tranquil and conducive settings in all Southeast Asia, Ba Den (Black Widow) Mountain, about 3 hours west of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and about 45 minutes from the Cambodian border (Moc Bai / Ba Vet crossing). Contact us

at  Or +841229758606 for more information. Distance learning also available via Google Hangouts for those with busy schedules or unable to travel.

While most Muay Thai training camps focus on Muay Thai for the ring, our Thai and Khmer arts training program focuses on a combination of Muay Thai and Muay Boran, aswell as the ancient Cambodian Khmer fighting art of Bokator. As Bokator is a soft, close range style, and as our instructor has extensive training in lots of other soft and internal styles, our Khmer arts will also be much softer than the typical Muay Thai.

Bokator Grandmaster Sean Kim San and Son, Down Reap, Cambodia.
Muay Thai Training in China

Trey Woodford trained in Muay Thai under 2x Lumphini Stadium / Thai National champion Ajarn Boon in Guangzhou,  China in 2009-2010, and perennial International Muay Thai Champion, Phuket trained Jerry Lukhay in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011-2012, and in Bokator under Grandmaster Sean Kim San in Siem Reap, Cambodia since 2013. Being less than an hour away from Cambodia, we can also set you up with Bokator training directly with Grandmaster Sean Kim San in Siem Reap or his student and designee in Phnom Penh.