Tai Chi (Taiji ) & Internal Gong Fu & Arts, Vietnam

Ba Den (Black Widow) Mountain is a perfect place to practice Tai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) or any other internal arts, due to its peace, tranquility, spirituality  and harmony 
with nature. 

The internal arts are not only fantastic for health, anti-aging and vitality, but can also remove stress and help you in your daily life in terms of energy, relaxation, perspective,  efficiency, etc. Moreover, they are deadly combat arts as well. 

We offer intensive, full time training camps in Tai Chi, Internal Kung Fu & Internal Arts, set on one of the most beautiful,  tranquil and conducive settings in all Southeast Asia, Ba Den (Black Widow) Mountain, about 3 hours west of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and about 45 minutes from the Cambodian border (Moc Bai / Ba Vet crossing). Contact us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com  Or +841229758606 for more information. Distance learning also available via Google Hangouts for those with busy schedules or unable to travel.

Many Tai Chi instructors just take you through the motions of the exercise. Some can provide you insights into health or martial aspects of the art. Due to some absolutely amazing instructors I have been blessed to work with, I have the rare opportunity to provide insights into all of the above.

At Black Mountain Academy our internal arts programs focus on Yang Tai Chi, as well as the soft internal aspects of Wing China and Crane Boxing, with optional tuition in Pencak Silat tenaga dalam (internal energy) techniques. In all these we strive for simplicity, as we believe that simplicity is most effective and practicable in internal or any martial arts.

@Kaiyuan ancient temple,  Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou,  Fujian,  China

I have been studying and practicing the internal arts in China, Indonesia and Vietnam since 2009, mostly Yang Tai Chi and Qigong. In addition to this, my Wing China and White Crane Kung Fu, which I also teach, are particularly soft and internal (although incorporating some aspects of hardness where appropriate), in stark contrast to some harder versions of the styles. Furthermore,  my Pencak Silat disciplines that I studied in Indonesia all contain varying degrees of Tenaga Dalam ("internal energy") . Finally, the Japanese arts that I have studied (Jujutsu, Ninjutsu and Karate, and a very limited degree of Aikido) also place a great emphasis on Ki (the Japanese equivalent of "Chi") I can also, optionally, help you apply all of the above perspectives to your internal arts repertoire.

I have had various internal arts masters in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Qingyuan,  Quanzhou (including the fabled East Lake Park and Ancient Kaiyuan temples, where martial arts have been practiced for centuries without interruption, except during the "cultural" revolution ), Yangshou, Greater Xi'an, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and my current hometown, Tay Ninh.

With Zheng Shifu at the gorgeous East Lake Park, Quanzhou, Fujian,  China
Trey Woodford Tai Chi East Lake Park Quanzhou,  Fujian,  China
Trey Woodford with Zheng Shifu Tai Chi East Lake Park Quanzhou,  Fujian,  China

The most influential of these have been Grandmaster Zhang of Quanzhou,  who also taught me a very soft & internal version of Yong Chun Fujian White Crane (Bai He Quan ), & Grandmaster Nguyen of Ho Chi Minh City, who has been studying the internal arts for 50 years.(14 in China).

 Grandmaster Zheng's knowledge of the internal arts is broad and deep, having mastered many styles of Chinese internal arts in every nuance, and Grandmaster Nguyen has focused on Yang Tai Chi, and has virtually perfected all of its profound intricacies from Health to Combat.

I have also briefly studied with Sifu Ken Gullette. This interaction, Though brief, was able to provide me with invaluable insights into the understanding and demystification of internal arts, and the breaking them down into biomechanical, physical and physiological aspects that can be understood by all. I subsequently gained further health and physiological insights into Chi and its cultivation from some amazing workshops on kinesthetic Tai Chi from Al Simon. Most recently I have continued my internal arts training with Shifu Ron Goninan, a disciple of the late, legendary internal arts master Earle Montague.

These experiences combined, along with the world class setting,  give me some unique opportunities to provide you a holistic internal arts experience, optimizing health, relaxation and combat aspects of these disciplines.