Shaolin Kung Fu Quanzhou




Konigun Ninjutsu

Mixed Southern Chinese Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu Putian

The Shaolin/Ninja Connection

White Crane Kung Fu

Jeet Kune Do

Shaolin Kung Fu is believed by many to be the grandfather of all martial arts. Learn personally from the Shaolin Monks in the Quanzhou South Shaolin Temple itself. Konigun Ninjutsu's Monjin Trey Woodford is a personal friend and liason to the Shoalin Monks, and can thereby facilitate your enrollment.

Just $499.99 for a one month Training Camp, inclusive of food and lodging.

Or Just $929.99 for a 2 month training camp, also inclusive of food and lodging.

Or only $5,200 for an entire year of studying Shaolin Kung Fu with the Shaolin Monks in the Shaolin Temple:

Proceeds from all these courses will benefit the International Conservation Society, particularly in directly contributing to the restoration of the South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, China, which was burned by Imperial decree in the 18th Century. Restoration began in 1997, and continues to this day. Proceeds will also contribute to the preservation of Qingyuan National Park, as well as other Chinese National Parks and cultural relics in the Fujian Province and throughout China.


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