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Mas Tony Widya Pencak Silat Perisai Diri.
My instructor (Pendekar), Mas Tony Widya of Indonesia
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We offer intensive, full time training camps in Pencak Silat Perisai Diri, 
set on one of the most beautiful, tranql and conducive settings in all Southeast Asia, Ba Den (Black Widow) Mountain, about 3 hours west of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and about 45 minutes from the Cambodian border (Moc Bai / Ba Vet crossing). Contact us
at  Or +841229758606 for more information. Distance learning also available via Google Hangouts for those with busy schedules or unable to travel.
         With Mas Tony Widya,  Jakarta, Indonesia                                                                Hening, or meditation

In the 8+ years I have lived in Indonesia I was privileged to see and train in quite a few styles of Pencak Silat. The one which I have found to be the most versatile and complete is Pencak Silat National Perisai Diri (Self Shield)

Long before Bruce Lee was ever born there was a legendary Martial Arts prodigy in Indonesia named Raden Mas Soebandiman Dirdjoatmodjo (1913 - 1983) , affectionately known in his Silat family as "Mas Dirdjo " Like Bruce Lee, Mas Dirdjo sought out the best from every possible style of Pencak Silat in Indonesia, traveling far and wide throughout Indonesia, and studying 14 years under a South Shaolin master as well. From this he created what I call the "Jeet June Do" of Pencak Silat, Perisai Diri (Full history available here)

L- Harimau  (Tiger)                                                                               R - Tolak/Pukul Pendeta (Monk Block & Hit) In the South Shaolin Temple.
In addition to its remarkable versatility, Pencak Silat Perisai Diri, due to tbe enormous amount of material drawn from South Shaolin, shares a very close kinship and compatibility with my Southern Kung Fu, so I feel very comfortable practicing and teaching it.Moreover, as with all my preferred fighting arts, despite being a national art, Pencak Silat Perisai Diri still maintains its traditions, as well as its street worthy combat integrity.

Three specific training methods that make Perisai Diri unique and effective are Kombinasi (Combination),  Serang -.Hindar (Attack & Defend) and Kombinasi Solospel (Solo Performance Combination). In Serang Hindar one partner attacks & the other defends. At the lower levels this is called by the leader, and at higher levels it becomes spontaneous.  Kombinasi is a series of various techniques called out by the leader and performed and repeatedly  by the students until they can go through the series quickly, properly, and from memory. Kombinasi Solospel is a spontaneous series of movements, usually for a duration of a minute or longer,  where the practitioner attempts to do as many movement as he/she can properly execute within a given period of time. The purpose of all of these exercises is to replace the rote jurus, or forms (like kata or poomsae), with something that teaches the movements in a manner that encourages more spontaneity.  An additional purpose of Serang Hinder is to provide a safe, realistic and effective alternative to conventional sparring.

Left: Sikap Harimau (Tiger Stance) HCMC, Vietnam, Right: Sikap Satria (Knight Stance) Islamic Memorial, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

In Indonesian the term Martial Arts translates as Seni Beladiri, and literally means that a martial art should be both martial and artistic. In Silat, this is often expressed as animal or heroic human forms, and in Perisai Diri these are known as Teknik Asli. These can, in festive gatherings,  also be performed to traditional Indonesian music. Click here for more information on Pencak Silat Perisai Diri Teknik Asli. 

So honored to participate in a Pencak Silat Perisai Diri  demonstration in a Dutch International School, Jakarta,  Indonesia

Last but not least, Pencak Silat Perisai Diri is a great, super friendly family, and is as much about health, principle and honor as it is about self defense, which makes it that much more of a pleasure to be a part of.

I have had the amazing privilege of training in the exquisite art of Pencak Silat Perisai Diri primarily with Mas Tony Widya, Mas Heri Zm,  Mas Joko Anindito, among many outstanding masters of this incredible art.  It is a great honor to have their support in sharing it. For more information email or call +841229758606