Kung Tai Jiu Dao

A combination of Wing Chun, Jiujitsu, Taijutsu (Ninjutsu Combat), Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Classical Kung Fu, etc. , in one of the most powerful and effective styles ever developed.
Welcome to the Kung Tai Jiu Dao homepage. This art is our unique specialty, a blend of some of the most powerful and effective combat styles in martial arts, designed to give you the most complete and well rounded training that is effective for all situations, whether ground or stand up, close or long range, hand to hand or with weapons, etc. It is designed with the purpose of simplicity, with each move from the most effective styles being easy to learn and use, and intended for maximum biomechanical efficiency  and advantage in all motions.

The Kung portion of the name comes from Kung Fu, with our simplest and most powerful techniques coming from Wing Chun. We also employ many of the animal techniques found in other Shaolin and Hung Gar 5 Animals styles, as well as many techniques from the most potent styles of Pencak Silat (which were developed from Kung Fu) here in Indonesia where our Grandmaster currently resides. The Kung is also dedicated to all aspects of Kung Fu, internal and external, hard and soft, as the style preserves this balance at its core.

Tai has many meanings within our art. Firstly it references Taijutsu, the core combat art of Ninjutsu, from which many of our most devastating techniques are derived. It is also reminiscent of Muay Thai, whose simple but lethal movements and combinations are also an integral part of our repertoire. These Muay Thai movements, however, are presented in far more of a combat context than a sporting one, and have been modified to be more effective in a street defense scenario. Lastly, Tai also make reference to Tai Chi, from whose movements virtually all styles that use the opponent's energy against him/her borrow.

Last but not least, Jiu refers to Jiujitsu, which represents the prime constituent of our ground and grappling game, essential for any complete fighting system. We also include under this category some unique and powerful takedowns and groundfighting skills from the local Pencak Silat.

Dao simply has the same meaning as Do (the art or way of), and has been spelled Dao so as to contain the spellings of both China and Japan, from whence the overwhelming majority of our unique and powerful style derives. It refers as well to the Daoist (or Taoist) arts from which we can trace so many of our techniques as well. Last but not least, it is a tribute to Jeet Kune Do, designed by one of the greatest martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee. Grandmaster Trey Woodford has founded this style based on the Jeet Kune Do method, where the most effective basic movements are first taught, then are practiced with the aim of being spontaneously combined to adapt to any scenario. Thus it is not simply a matter of learning Wing Chun and other Kung  Fu, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai and Jiujitsu, but of instinctively flowing from one to the other to effectively respond to every scenario. When your life is on the line this is the best way to make sure you come out alive.

Those who complete the training will probably find that this is the hardest Black Belt they have ever earned. I think they will also find, however, that it is also the most rewarding and empowering, providing them with the means to defend themselves in any situation, perhaps more so than any one style can do, because it has its roots not in just one style, but in a diverse and synergistically complementary array of styles whose whole is far greater than the sum of the parts ever could be. It is like having a "Black Belt" in Wing Chun, Classical Kung Fu, Brazillian and Japanese Jiujitsu, Taijutsu (Ninjutsu combat), and Muay Thai all in one. Grandmaster Trey Woodford is now accepting disciples for this one of a kind art, both on its own and combined with a comprehensive ninjutsu training program. Those looking for quick and easy ranking need not apply. Those interested in becoming the best real martial artists they can be, and the best equipped for defending themselves in any situation, however, are welcome with open arms.

For more information please contact Grandmaster Trey Woodford at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com or