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 With Ben Haryo Sensei & Sambo master Sensei Saleh Sungkar @Goshinbudo, Jakarta, Indonesia                                            
with Dentokan jujutsu Sensei Ben Haryo and Sambo master Sensei Saleh Sungkar
Welcome to the Bushikido Jiujitsu (aka Jiu-Jitsu or Jujutsu) Vietnam homepage. We are conveniently located in Tay Ninh,  Tay Ninh,  Southern Vietnam, about 3 hours from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, about an hour from the Cambodian border crossing. For more information email us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com or call us at +841229758606.

We are pleased to be specializing in both 

modern and classical Jujutsu, and Jujutsu for Law Enforcement, Security and Protective Services as well.

We are also pleased to be offering intensive blackbelt camps @200-300 hours over 4-8 weeks. We are also offering longer term intensive training camps, in a gorgeous mountain setting amongst tranquil temples a nd pagodas, for up to a year or more. 

Bushikido is derived from Budo and Bushido, indicating that we strive to emulate the art, way and code of the warrior as proscribed anciently. This is in recognition of the strong influence that various ryu of Budo have had on our lineage. 

Ki is the Japanese term for life force, or internal energy. In reality, it is expicable by modern science as a combination of biomechanics, leverage and positioning, breathing, neuromuscular conditioning.  It is one of the primary aims of our training in terms of both combat and health and fitness, as well as in approaching daily life. 

Kido is also a tribute to Aikido and Aikijiujitsu, and Hapkido, which have also strongly influenced our ryu.

We specialize in Japanese Classical Jujitsu, but also incorporate Brazilian Jujitsu and hybrid, modernized American Jiujitsu into our training.


Hironori Otsuka Sensei-> Shihan C.A. Taman-> Ben Haryo Sensei -> Trey Woodford
Prof. Sanzo Seki -> Prof George Kirby -> Trey Woodford
Soke Rod Sacharnoski/Prof Carlos Gracie -> Prof Ted Gambordella -> Trey Woodford
Prof. Rickson Gracie -> Niko Han -> Max Metino  ->Trey Woodford
 With Ben Haryo Sensei,  Goshinbudo, Jakarta.

Rocky Johnson & Afa The Wild Samoan -> John Rambo -> Trey Woodford (Professional Wrestling Lineage

Trey Woodford Sensei is the founder of the Ryu. His immediate Sensei in classical Ju Jitsu is 
Ben Haryo Sensei

Sensei Ben is the founder of Goshinbudo Jiujitsu Indonesia, and has trained in Wado Ryu (Wadokai) Ju Jutsu and Karate under C. A. Taman Shihan (First Generation Disciple of the founder of Wado Ryu),  Dentokan Jujutsu under 
Prof. Roy Hobbs,  American Jiu Jitsu under Prof Harold Brosius, and is an honorary member of the American Ju-jitsu Association under Prof. George Kirby

Master Haryo also has trained in Gyakute-Do and 
Asayama Ichiden-ryu under the late Prof. Steven Vaes. Moreover, Ben Haryo Sensei has been exposed to Russian art
of Sambo under the outstanding tutelage of Master Saleh Sungkar, and
is also a senior instructor of Wado Ryu Karate. Haryo Sensei also
developed a close cooperation with Shihan Arman Syah of Dentokan
Goju-ryu Indonesia, and incorporates some Goju-ryu Katas in his
personal training sessions. 
Training with Prof Royce Gracie & Synergy BJJ in Bali, Indonesia.
training BJJ with Prof Royler Gracie in Bali
Sensei Trey has also trained in Brazilian Jiujitsu 
with synergy BJJ and Prof Royler Gracie in Bali
Synergy Jiu Jitsu Gracie BJJ Blackbelt Niko Han (Trained by Prof Rickson Gracie), and Perenial Indonesian Submission Wrestling Champion Max Metino. As well as having attended training with Prof. Royler Gracie. 

Sensei Woodford has also trained under GM Ted Gambordella in both classical Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Dr. Ted Gambordella was the first Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt in Texas, and has also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the late Prof. Carlos Gracie. 

Finally, Bushikido has been influenced by some styles outside Jiu Jitsu that either evolved from ju jutsu, influenced the development of or co-evolved with the art. These include Hwarang Do and Hapkido, as Sensei Woodford has studied Hwa Rang Do with 
GM Taejoon Lee and enjoyed seminars from his father, Supreme Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee, founder of Hwa Rang Do and formerly one of the founders of Hapkido.

We have also been influenced by techniques in Ninjutsu, including Konigun and Bujinkan, which Trey has studied, and which feature lots of joint manipulations, locks and throws.
Sambo has had a significant influence on our teachings as well. Though not officially a style of Jiu Jitsu, it evolved from a hybrid of Japanese Judo and Russian Wrestling, which makes it very closely related in terms of both function and evolution. 

Last but not least, Sensei Trey has extensively studied Ip Man Wing Chun and various other forms of Kung Fu and Kung Fu derived styles. One essential element of virtually all Kung Fu is Chin Na or Qin Na, the element of Kung Fu focusing on joint locks, throws, breaks, etc. , from whence many scholars believe Jiu Jitsu evolved. This has obviously had a profound influence on the development of our ryu.
For more information email us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com or call us at +841229758606