Intensive Kung Tai Jiu Dao Martial Arts Training Camps

Our  Kung Tai Jiu Dao intensive Black Belt/ Instructor training camps will be held all month every month in Weinan, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China on a revolving and ongoing basis. Imagine an intensive Wing Chun training camp, an intensive Ninjutsu (Ninjitsu) training camp, an intensive Muay Thai training camp, and an intensive Jiu Jitsu (Jujitsu or Jujutsu) training camp, and a comprehensive martial arts weapons training camp all rolled into one.

With a full month of training we offer in one comprehensive camp 200 hours plus of intensive martial arts instruction and conditioning, or the equivalent of almost 2 years of going to the dojo twice a week (with the added benefit of having the techniques fresh in your mind when you build upon them). As a result of this comprehensive and intensive training, successful graduates will have the unique opportunity of earning a Kung Tai Jiu Dao instructor's certificate, as well as the ability to teach the individual martial arts encompassed in our art, which include Wing Chun and various other forms of internal and external Kung Fu, Ninjutsu/Sul Sa Do, Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, (as well as how to best synergistically utilize these to your advantage so the whole is definitely far greater than the sum of the parts), the ability to confidently use and teach virtually any weapon, etc. If you have ever dreamed of opening your own dojo this camp will give you all the training you need to do so, and be head and shoulders above any other martial arts gym in your community, offering your clients a diversity of training any other dojo in your area would be hard pressed to match.

So, how can you become in virtually every weapon within one month, when it normally takes years? Well, in addition to the intensive nature of the course, we also start from the very beginning of the camp, teaching you every possible weapon that is relevant to the hand techniques you are learning, thus optimizing and leveraging your training time in an unprecedented manner.

Actually, the idea of weapons taking years to learn is a relatively new concept in martial arts training. It began with the advent of commercial martial arts training, as this was one way to continue charging the student tuition.
Prior to that, in the times of War and Revolution under which martial arts historically blossomed, students were taught weapons right along with empty hand combat as quickly as possible, because their lives depended on it. This was the tradition of the Ninja, Shaolin, the Ming rebels using Wing Chun to overthrow the oppressive Manchurians and Qings, the Sulsa, etc. It was only in times of peace, when there began to be a commercial interest in delaying and dragging out weapons training for years on end that things began to be done this way. Ironic that most modern masters now cite "tradition" as the reason for this relatively young practice.

The training hours of this course are subject to trainer availability, but we guarantee you a minimum of 200 hours training in a month, more if possible, all conducted in the utmost of efficiency. To see our full training schedule and curriculum please click here.

This is not going to be a free or easy belt or certificate, but will be the hardest training you have ever done, so only the seriously motivated need apply. If you make the sacrifice to put your time and effort into this camp, however, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination.

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Cordially, Trey Woodford
Founder of Kung Tai Jiu Dao