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Pencak Silat Sabeni

Pencak Silat Sabeni (Full Name Seni Main Pukul Sabeni Tenabang) is one of the most powerful, efficient and styles of Pencak Silat, or for that matter, of any self defense system, available anywhere in the world. It is a variety of Pencak Silat Betawi,and has many similarities with Wing Chun. 

Pencak Silat Sabeni's most notable
claim to fame is that its legendary founder, Engkong Sabeni, defeated a Chinese national Kuntao champion, and a Japanese Jiujitsu and Karate Champion, all at the age of 83!!!(More details on the history page)

Classes are conducted by Bang Zul A. Sabeni himself, Grandson of the legendary hero Engkong Sabeni, personally trained by both Engkong and Ali Sabeni, and a legend in his own right. 

We are now proud to exclusively offer this amazing form of self defense to the International Community (previously information was only available in the Indonesian Language). For more information please contact us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com or +868988801190.