Fujian (Fukkien ) White Crane Kung Fu (Gong Fu), Vietnam

White Crane (Yong Chun Bai He Quan ) Staff training Sifu Trey Woodford with Grandmaster Zhang
With Grandmaster Zhang Yong Chun Bai He Quan (Fujian White Crane Kung Fu) East Lake Park,  Quanzhou

Training Yong Chun White Crane Gong Fu w/ Zheng Shifu

Vietnam White Crane Kung Fu (Gong Fu)

We offer intensive, full time training camps in White Crane Kung Fu, set on one of the most beautiful,  tranquil and conducive settings in all Southeast Asia, Ba Den (Black Widow) Mountain, about 3 hours west of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and about 45 minutes from the Cambodian border (Moc Bai / Ba Vet crossing). 

us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com  Or +841229758606 for more information. Distance learning also available via Google Hangouts for those with busy schedules or unable to travel.
Picking up White Crane Kung Fu came very easily, naturally and quickly to me, due to the great similarities in movements principles with Wing Chun and, to a lesser degree, Karate, which I had already trained in extensively. 

I have been researching Fujjan White Crane Kung Fu ever since my first visit to the  Fujian province in 2007, Where I developed a great love for White Crane Kung Fu and Fukkienese arts. I have been formally studying Bai He Quan since 2012. As a Wing Chun practitioner I have a particularly great affinity for this wonderful and powerful art as the parent style of Wing Chun (the two arts remain remarkably similar)

I have studied 3 different styles of White Crane Gong Fu, Yong Chun, Flying & Calling Crane. Under Grandmaster Zheng  I studied a much softer, more internal version of Yong Chun White Crane than usual (IMHO truer to its roots and origins and more effective than its harder counterparts), along with internal Arts, Quanzhou, Fujian, China in 2012 & 2013.

"Push hands" w/ my Flying Crane brother & Group Shot w/ Zhang Shifu, Shimo & Family, Quanzhou, Fijian, China.
White Crane, Flying Crane, Park, Quanzhou, Fujian,  China

Also in 2012-2013, under Grandmaster Zhang, I trained in the more explosive Flying Crane Boxing, in Quanzhou, Fujian as well. 

With Grandmaster Pan Chen Miao in Yong Chun Village
In Yong China, Fijian,Quanzhou,  home of Yong Chun Bai He Quan,  with Grandmaster Pan Chien Miao

While in Fujian I also had the incredible privilege of going to the fabled Yong China Village, meeting and hanging out with Grandmaster Pan Chen Miao and his son, and getting some outstanding pointers on my Sanzhan from them. 

Shifu Ron Goninan (Left) Grandmasters Ruan Dong & Lin Yuan Dun (Right)
Shifts Ruan Dong and Lin Yuan Dun
Shifu Ron Goninan,White Crane Research Institute.

I have most recently been continuing my White Crane training with Shifu Ron Goninan, of the White Crane Research Institute, disciple and representative of Grandmasters Ruan Dong and Lin Yuan Dun , in Fujian Calling Crane (Zhenlan) Gongfu from 2013- Present .

Due to the softness and largely internal nature of all the above sources and influences, the White Crane we teach at Black Widow Mountain Martial Arts Academy is also very soft and internal. In White Crane there is also an expression that "everything is in Sanzhan" Therefore it is Sanzhan that we will focus on in our empty hand training, with weapons training Sanzhan's sagely principles of simplicity and efficiency (both the Yong Chun and Fuzhou Babulian versions), in the interest of simplicity that White Crane and any good martial arts should adhere to you. Trust me, Sanzhan is one of the most brilliant, concise and comprehensive self defense systems ever devised, and though it can be quickly "learned", due  to its simplicity, MASTERING it and the infinite self defense and health aspects so thoughtfully packaged into it is a lifetime labor of love.

For more information contact us at academy.martial.arts@gmail.com or +841229758606.