Cooking Mama 3 Shop And Chop Cheats

cooking mama 3 shop and chop cheats
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Chop Chop
Chop Chop
I never would have thought it until I started making truffles a few years ago, but chocolate blocks have a grain. Chopping against the grain results in an enormous, far-flung mess of chocolate shards shot into every corner and behind each appliance. But chop with the grain, and bits fly only a foot or so from point of impact. So, the first step in truffle making is chopping up 4 lbs of Callebaut 70% in preparation for melting. 30 minutes or so to chop, an hour to clean up the mess. Not bad. The actual making of the ganache happens tomorrow. I'm hoping what comes out the other side of the process is suitable for truffles and not chocolate sauce, as once happened (though the latter is super-yummy too!). Wish me luck.
Ginger chops (raw)
Ginger chops (raw)
I cooked this the other night. It's lamb (neck and chops) with ginger, chili, mint (obv.), red wine and balsamic vinegar (plus a splash of Worcestershire sauce). This was then pot-roasted for about 45 minutes and served with steamed vegetables. It's a weird combination I grant you and I did wonder whether I was pregnant but I've ruled that out because I'm a boy. The only annoying thing was spooning off the fat for an age afterward so that I could use the rest of the juices to make a sort of hot and spicy mint sauce.

cooking mama 3 shop and chop cheats
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