Week 3 October 21

Due: Assignment #1 (at the beginning of class!)

In Class Lecture/Workshop: Types of Paragraphs, Summarizing, Outlining

Assignment 2

Due 28 October 2009

Reading 2

A process for reading argument (Chapter 3 from Wood, N.V. (1998). Writing argumentative essays. Upper Saddle River, NY: Prentice-Hall.) pages 61-90


Read Chapter 3 before class.  Be ready to answer #7 “Questions on the Chapter” A-F page 90.  Turn in #8: “Questions on the Essays for Analysis” A-C page 90.

Writing Assignment

(1) Write a formal outline for one of the three readings in the chapter, and summarize two paragraphs in your own words.

(2) Turn in #5a on page 88