Academic Homeschooling:
How To Give Your Child An Amazing Education At Home

If you have ever considered homeschooling, know anyone who is currently considering it, or have a little tickle in the back of your brain that traditional school isn't working for your child, I have a great book for you! It's a how-to book that is chock full of advice, links, resources, and guidance to get you started, along with stories of families that have made it through and kept their sanity!
Part how-to, part personal journey in the life of Academic Homeschooling. How do you leave the system of traditional public education, ensure your child is getting a full, enriching and amazing education and still survive? What balances must be in place for the homeschool mom or dad? What struggles will you encounter and how can you work through them? Readers will learn how to make the decision to homeschool, how to set effective and productive goals and how to get over the small challenges of homeschooling. Includes a large collection of resources designed for Academic Homeschooling.
Available now on Kindle and any Kindle app. Coming soon on Nook and paperback.
Table Of Contents
Just so you have a feel for what the book covers I've included the Table Of Contents below. Hopefully, you find something of interest that will help you with your homeschooling quest.  Click the graphic below to view the Table Of Contents.
Table Of Contents
Academic Homeschooling
How To Give Your Child An Amazing Education At Home

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