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meeting(s) -- wk 14-21: 11.00-12.45 (WN-F630)

structure academic english -- seminar part


·         Group of 12-14 students from one of the three bachelor programs.

·         Every week 2 hours seminar on either Thursday or Friday.

·         Attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend the classes (i.e. more than one absence) will result in credit not being given.

·         Students give 2 presentations. The first about a paper from the pool. The second presentation has to be based on a paper found by the student him/her self. The deadline for sending the second paper is in third week of the course

·         You can use the material from the link or you use papers you have selected yourself but please share them in the depository.

https://wiki.cs.vu.nl/onderwijs/Article_depository. Please make the articles available in Blackboard under course documents and your group number

·         The students that aren’t presenting fill in the review form (see attachment) and prepare 1 or 2 questions. This is a tool for understanding the structure and contents and to hopefully have a more interactive seminar.


Grading policy

1/4 = first presentation

1/4 = participation in the course (questions after presentations and review forms)

1/2 = second presentation


At the end of the seminar you can send the grades to me and I’ll combine them with grades of the writing in English part. In order to pass the whole course a student needs have a sufficient grade for both parts.



·         Every week before the class students upload in Blackboard under assignments the review form. You don’t have give feedback on all the forms but please check if all students uploaded the form.

·         At the end of the third week students upload the their second paper.

·         I will make an exact overview of all the deadlines and I will put this in Blackboard.


Tutors and group numbers and blackboard

·         Below you can find your name and the group you are responsible for. The students will self-enroll into the groups.

·         During the coming two weeks I’ll make the assignment upload area available for the different groups and also the document folders where you can upload the different articles.

·         Please check your schedule on http://rooster.vu.nl