Your volunteering contribution will build community, improve the experience of your children and build trust.  Create a stronger network by collaborating with fellow parents and staff!

New Board Policy:
In an effort to keep costs down and to build our community up, our board has voted to engage our families, particularly our members, more deeply with a commitment to participate.

For 2017-2018 School year, all Member Families will be required to contribute a minimum of 6 service hours for families with 1 student, and minimum of 10 service hours per semester.  Semester "buy out" $80, at the beginning of the semester, $100 at the end of the semester.

Member families will be able to choose or be assigned to at least one committee (non-member families are also encouraged to become involved!).  For a limited time, you have the option of choosing the committee.

Options for Member-Volunteers:

1. Event/Party Planning Committee:  Both behind the scenes and event night positions open. Help plan, publicize, set up, participate, cleanup after and provide a summary of positives and negative of the event to improve future events.  Holiday Party, Family Science Night, Antics Night, Graduations, Little People (K-3) Parties, Middle Childhood Events and Teen Events.

2. Lunch Time Supervision:  An ideal position for a Member-Volunteer who intends to participate in lunch time exuberance with their children.  Guard the gate to detour children from the parking lot, prevent injury due to energetic enthusiasm, remind children to eat their lunch and clean up after themselves, AND pick up surplus toys after the children scamper back to classes.

3. Field Trip/ Park Day Coordinators: Coordinate with Antics to plan field trips so that the Antics Community can maximize group discounts, organizational perks and have quality fun.  This is perfect for antics Member-Volunteers that like exploring the world.

4. Club Support:  Support our growing club environments. We have a Maker Club that presents at local Maker Fairs and whose members are provided with free passes to the events.  There have been different interest groups that have gathered around a wide spectrum of subjects from Minecraft to Lego.  Some of these clubs could be tied to Field Trips and Park Days.  

5. Odd Jobs:  For Member-Volunteers that don't have a lot of time but could come and help move a bookcase from one site to another.  This position could entail a job during school hours, after school hours, or on a weekend.

Do you have a particular skill or preference? Let our volunteer coordinator--know ASAP before our best positions fill up. We want this to be a pleasurable and meaningful experience for you.

Requirements for volunteers:
  • Pass a Department of Justice screening including livescan fingerprinting
  • Meet with staff to review safety guidelines and sign our Risk Reduction and Student Safety Policy (parent signature required as well if under 18.)
  • Provide current contact information (and emergency contact info) to be on file for the year
Thank you so much for your interest! email us at volunteer@academicantics.com for more information or to volunteer!

Timeline for implementation:
Please sign up ASAP!  The best jobs will go fast.

The board members know this is a new policy and it will take some time to implement.  They have been working hard all summer.  Check back for updates on implementation and deadlines.

 We hope you want to avoid the need to hire new staff (while we love our staff, we like our prices low!) and embrace the benefits of participating to you, your child, and your child's teachers.

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