Summer Program

Academic Antics summer camp 2017

Our camps will have the same unique structure of the Academic Antics year-round programs. All camps will be heavily student participation based and social. The activities and lessons will be hands on, and creatively infuse learning through so much fun, the students won't realize there's an ongoing educational component. During the camp day, students will have outside times, free play, and social times with games and activities. Most of the camps will combine several subjects into the main focus, will have guest instructors, and will be tailored to the individual students enrolled.


6/12-6/16 Superheroes

Find your superpowers in this camp all about existing and created superheroes. Campers will explore the adventures of superheroes and become their own through stories, games, pretend play, drama, art, history and science. Campers are invited to dress in costumes throughout the week.

6/19-6/23 Myths & Legends

Enter worlds of fantasy, tales, and imagination. Campers will go on journeys through games, stories, art, drama, and history. Exploring the classics, cultural, and their own creations, we'll build the stuff legends are made of. Campers are invited to dress in costumes throughout the week. 

6/26-6/30 Lego, Building & More

Be the master builder of your universe in this camp that's all about constructing the structures of your imagination. Campers will have legos, kapla blocks, various manipulatives, other construction materials and more. Our master builders will have challenges, structured activities, play games and have plenty of individual or group free play building time throughout the week.


7/5-7/7* High-Quality Arts & Crafts

Let your inner artisan out in this camp focused on creating quality crafts. Campers will be given appropriate art materials for more advanced projects than the typical construction paper crafts often given to children. All projects will be process-product oriented, where campers can explore self-expression through art mediums, but the final goal is to create items nice enough to keep at home or give as a gift.

*Note: Due to the Fourth of July holiday, this camp will only run three days, Wed. Thurs. Fri.

7/10-7/14 Vision: Expressions through Fine Arts & More

You've got a lot inside, here's the place to let it out and let it shine. Campers will explore mediums of self-expression in this unique camp. Inner lights will become brighter as campers explore dancing, singing, acting, and other outlets of individual and group expression. Through this brief introduction to fine arts, campers will have ample opportunities for creation that build self-esteem.

7/17-7/21 YouTube

Whether you're aspiring to be a star, writer, film director, editor or producer... it's time to have your own media channel. Campers will create their own Youtube channel, and use the group as their first promotional network. Individual students can select their channel's theme and what type of content their interested in producing. There will be opportunities to work as individuals and in groups to create skits, record videos, and generate playlists.

*Students who have laptops, tablets, and/or video equipment are encouraged to bring it. There are devices available to share, but the more individual device time the more material can be covered.

**Note: Students must have a guardian-signed waiver to create their YouTube accounts and for video release.

7/24-7/28 Automation: Lego Robotics, Bristle Bots, Arduino & More

Calling all up and coming programmers!!! Campers will be introduced to the world of programming through fun exercises and challenges. Everything from races, development of programs, individual and group activities will take students on adventures through the world of robotic programs.

*Arduino will only be used with the 4-6th grade group, or younger campers who are already experienced can be considered.

-Students who have laptops, tablets, and/or related robotic equipment are encouraged to bring it. There are devices available to share, but the more individual device time the more material can be covered.


7/31-8/4 Minecraft

Minecrafters and design enthusiasts will build their fantasies in the virtual world of Minecraft. Campers will be given challenges and activities, as well as have ample time of free exploration, in this popular virtual playground. A little art, science, architecture and history will be introduced through individual and group exercises.

-Students who have laptops or tablets, that can run Minecraft are encouraged to bring it. There are devices available to share, but the more individual device time the more material can be covered.

8/7-8/11 All About Water: through Science, Arts, & Getting Wet

For the hot month of August, what sounds better than cooling down with water play? Campers will explore many aspects of the amazing element of water throughout this session. Activities will include some scientific exploration, art projects, music, games, and lots of recreational water play.

*Students will be getting wet and should dress accordingly

Campers must bring lunch, snack, containers for water and their own sunscreen. Check camp descriptions for additional equipment or waivers needed.


Students who will be in the Fall, 1-3rd graders & 4-6th graders


1100 Shasta Ave. San Jose (music bldg. of Westminster Presbyterian Church)

Cost of Camps:

$280 per camp week

*(7/5-7 Higher Quality Arts & Crafts $175)


Multiple Week: $20 off each week of camp for enrollment in any additional weeks (ie. $280 1st week, $260 2nd week, $260 4th week, $260 6th week)


Siblings: $20 off for each additional sibling enrolled during the same week of camp (ie. $280 1st student, $260 2nd student, $260 3rd student) *For additional siblings enrolling in multiple weeks take additional $5 off (2nd student enrolled in 2nd week $255, and so on)

*Referral gift: Refer a new student to Academic Antics and get a free gift after they enroll!