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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registration and Enrollment

Q. How do I know what classes cost?
A. The price is shown within the registration system. There is also a price sheet. Click on Prices You may want to consider becoming a "member" to get a discount on most classes.

Q. Are there other costs or fees?
A. There is an optional membership fee (currently $125/student or $230/family.)  Most of the time, everything is included. A few classes may require personal items (shin guards, for example) or purchase of books or materials that we won't be able to reuse. Students are expected to provide their own basic supplies such as notebooks and pencils. Any lab or materials fees will be listed up-front. Sometimes we may offer an optional field trip at additional cost. Members also receive a yearbook (1 per individual membership or 2 per family) and t-shirt for each enrolled student.

Q. Am I required to volunteer or do fundraising?
A. We request (but do not require) parents to volunteer.
Member families receive a discount on most classes and so are required to join one of our "committees" when we request sign ups, usually starting mid-summer via a Sign-up genius invitation. See "volunteer" page for exact details. Feedback from previous volunteers has been that they feel more a part of the community when they volunteer, get to know other families more quickly, and that it's a rewarding experience. We hope you will, too! We have a variety of opportunities, and we will do our best to match up families with volunteer jobs that they will feel good about helping with. Families are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities, which can support scholarships or discounts, events like our yearly Antics Night celebration, or defray costs for equipment expenses that we might not otherwise afford.

Q. I have two kids that want to sign up for the same class. How do I know if there are two spots available?
A. Go ahead and register the first student. When you try to register the second student, it will show as full if there is not room. Don't worry -- you can drop the first student from the class if you choose.

Q. I changed my mind and want to change the schedule for my student. Is this ok? How do I do that?
A. Sure. You can drop a class at anytime and register for a different one. If the class hasn't met yet since you registered, you will not be charged. If we have had a class meeting, please see our Enrollment/Withdrawal policies for details on how we prorate classes. Abuse of this policy may lead to a limit on the classes you can sign up for in the future, and/or a prepayment requirement.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can drop off or mail in a check, or you can use PayPal to pay. Please see our Payment Schedule and Policies for details. It is easy to pay via PayPal and it is now integrated into our registration system to make things easy for everyone, so this is the preferred way to pay.

Q. I've signed up for classes and paid my membership fee. Now what?

A. Great! Put the start date on your calendar and plan to come about 15 minutes early the first day to fill out some paperwork. We'll send you a welcome email in August with more details.

Q. I paid via paypal. How long does it take for my account to show the credit?

A. Usually a few seconds. You may need to refresh the page. If you've paid via e-check and the check bounces, we charge a $35 bounced check fee. Feel free to email for assistance.

Q. My student's schedule shows a break between classes and a location change. Do I need to come back between classes?

A. Usually we provide supervision free of charge during breaks and lunches, provided your child is in the class before and after the break. The exception is if there is a break longer than 15 minutes that is not lunch. If your child wants to stay and "hang out" for lunch, but is not enrolled in the next class, we may be able to arrange to have you (the parent) volunteer to help supervise at lunchtime (which is a huge help to our teachers.) Please let us know if you might be interested so that we can work out fingerprinting, etc., or to make other arrangements.

Q. What if the break is longer than 15 minutes, or if I will typically be late picking up?
A. One option for many families is to sign up for another class. However, we recognize that this isn't always the best situation for a given student. Please email and let us know your situation. For teens, there are nearby coffee shops and such if you are comfortable having them check themselves out.

Q. How do I contact a teacher to ask a question before registering for their class?

A. Teacher emails are available on the Teacher page.

Q. My child is age-eligible for more than one class in the same subject, and I'm not sure which is more appropriate. How do I decide?
A. We are eager to help! Email

Q. My student is advanced or behind in the subject area for a class. Can I register them for a different grade class?
A. Our class sizes are small and allow for individual consideration, so we encourage you to consider keeping students with their age peers. Exceptions require teacher approval and typically require a trial period. If your student is within one year of being age eligible for a class, it will show up with a gray background in the registration system, indicating that signing up for that class will be pending until approved. Please contact us at to request alternative placement. Please note: We generally do not consider placement exceptions until July 1st for the next academic year.

Q. My family is part of a charter school that offers funding for group classes. How does this work?

A. We are a vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School and Connecting Waters. You'll need to talk to your E.S. (the teacher who oversees your work and keeps your learning record up-to-date.) Your E.S. will need to know details of the class, such as the price, meeting day/time, a title, and short description. Basic information is easy to cut and paste from the "Payment Information" page in the online registration system. Put that into an email to your E.S. and explain which classes you'd like to use funding for. Once approved, we will receive a faxed Purchase Order (PO) from the charter school. You can view the details and see how we are applying credit to your account by clicking on "invoices" in the registration system at any time. If you are in a different charter school that offers funds for vendor classes, please let us know, and we will work with you to find out if we can become a vendor for that school.

Q. I want to change classes, but I already arranged for a PO for the class we want to drop. Can you transfer funds to another class for us?

A. No, however, we can do almost as good: We will cooperate with your charter school to cancel the remainder of your purchase order so that they can return funds to your account. You can then take those funds and apply them towards a new PO for the new class. Please see our Payment Schedule and Policies for more information. Note: This is not always possible towards the end of the semester. We recommend addressing any P.O. issues as soon as possible to avoid having to pay out-of-pocket. Some people have found that asking your E.S. to put any classes you aren't sure of on their own separate P.O. helps get funds back in your account the fastest.

Q. I am short funds for the class I want to take. Is it possible to have a PO sent over for a partial amount?
A. Sure! Just send an email letting us know what you're doing so that we know! In general, you are responsible for any payment that the charter school does not provide, so once we have their purchase order entered into our billing system, your account will show an updated amount due.

Q. Do you offer trial classes?
A. Sort of. Please register for the class you would like to try out and send us an email letting us know it is for a trial class.. If you cancel after attending only one class, we will NOT charge you for the remainder of the class, only for the single class you attended. This ensures that we don't overbook the class with trials, and it reserves your space should you decide you want to continue.

Q. I want to enroll in a class but I cannot afford it. Is assistance available?
A. One option available to many families is to sign up for either Ocean Grove or Connecting Waters charter schools to receive funding. In addition, we are working on a formal scholarship program. For now, we encourage you to send an email request explaining your unique situation to