Meeting UC's a-g Requirements

UC a-g requirements can be met in a number of ways:
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The UC system has expressed interest in well-qualified homeschool students, even though they do not allow homeschool programs to apply for a-g approval directly. 
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Because Academic Antics is not an accredited "school", we are not eligible to get a-g approval on our own, but if you use a charter school such as Ocean Grove or Connecting Waters, you can still get a-g credit using our programs!

All of our high school core courses are designed to "count" towards a-g study, including History, English, and Science. In order to get credit, students must participate, keep up with the pace of the class and do assigned reading and homework to support their learning. 

Because your charter school oversees the a-g requirements, you may need to get approval for a substituted reading list, for example, for English, or get approval for a different textbook to be used (we sometimes use college-level texts, which won't show up on an approved textbook list, but are easily approved when requested.) 

Your E.S. may want to administer your final exam or observe the final exam at Academic Antics, or you may arrange to use a final project in lieu of a proctored exam. Occasionally, your E.S. may feel that there is a missing component and ask for an additional assignment. Because interpretations of the a-g plans can vary, we recommend working closely with your E.S. However, we've heard from students in the past that they've been quite successful in getting approval for our classes as the bulk or even the entire a-g class at their charter school.