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Theater Path

Be a Star this school year!

Perform in an original production,

written by you and your class.

Join the Academic Antics Theater Path Class...

3rd grade - High School

14 Wednesdays, 9/17/14 – 12/10/14

4:05 – 5:45pm

$200 members, $260 non-members

This is not your average theater class. You will not audition for a roll, be given a script, nor assigned lines to memorize. Through hilarious and entertaining theater games, we'll design our own characters. Acting out in this class is not only allowed, but encouraged! While doing fun activities, this class builds your public speaking skills, by improving your stage presence and building confidence for improvising. We'll explore what makes engaging scripts and perform our own collaboratively written play in this unique theater class. You'll get to perform your own costumed character in a full piece, entertaining production, late Fall 2014.

Performance venue and time TBA!

Theater Path

Academic Antics Fall 2014

A collaborative experience in play writing and production...

-Very different than your average theater class or performance group

-A chance for every participant to have a good role and co-write the script

In this course students will learn the basic attributes of what makes entertaining productions then create an original piece. Skill building games will be used to encourage improvisation and practice essential public speaking techniques.

Every participant will be an equal voice in the final collaboration. This is achieved through a sequential process which gives the students an understanding of how to create an entertaining theatrical piece. This process is the Theatrical Arts part of the Art Path model, developed for the CA board of education to train educators and administrators in emergent arts based curriculum development.

Through the process used to co-write their script, students will gain skills in observation and evaluation. Students will become proficient in effective communication while working within a group towards a final project; an essential asset to future employers. (several recent Forbes articles keep reiterating that local CEOs are looking to hire employees who can work effectively within a team)

The skills developed in this FUN class:

Public speaking

Working well in groups

Effective communication techniques

Observation and evaluation abilities 

Higher self concept