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Teen Events

Student Council (all ages welcome if serious about leadership)

The Teens and the administrators have elected to create an official "class" called Student Council.  The Student Council will begin in January and meet twice a month on Thursdays (TBA).  The purpose of this class is to learn leadership skills, conflict resolutions skills, and make the campus a great place to learn.

Teen Action Leaders

A group of teens that take classes at Academic Antics have created a core teen leadership group called Teen Action Leaders.  It is a student led group that dreams up and plans activities for homeschooling teens.  Though events may be posted to this page, Academic Antics will NOT be responsible for supervision for any off campus events and the group's activity choices reflect the interests of the teens not necessarily the philosophy of Academic Antics.

Any homeschooling teen who takes classes on the Antics campus who wishes to be on the planning team can come to a Teen Action Leader meeting.  All teens taking classes at Academic Antics are invited to teen meetings held regularly on campus at lunch.  Any homeschooling teen can join in the activities as planned. 

 Keep checking back for details as the leadership teens finalizes plans.  Parents please contact TeenActionLeaders@gmail.com or instagram: @teen_action_leaders

 Activities for the 2017-2018 year:

Fall Semester

Pumpkin Patch --Thursday, October 26th, free to enter, $3/ride.  3:30 at Spina Farms.  Spina Farms is located at Santa Teresa Blvd at Bailey Ave. Check back later for details about rides at 3:00  from the Academic Antics campus parking lot. 

Ice Skating -- November

Caesar Chavez Park -- December

Volunteering --date TBD

Bowling --date TBD

Spring semester's proposed activities

Movie night

Murder mystery

Park day/kickball/sports day

Historical Figures Day

Tie Dye party

Sleepover event