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Late Pickup Policy

Students are expected to be picked up on time, including between classes if there is a break longer than 15 minutes.

We understand that real life sometimes interferes, and appreciate a phone call if possible if you are going to be late picking up your child. Out of respect for our time and that of our teachers, we will assess a late fee for anyone picked up later than 5 minutes after the end of their class. Parents may wish to exchange contact information with another parent as backup. Students will only be released to parents and individuals listed on their sign-out authorization form, or verbally authorized in case of an emergency.

A fee of $1/minute per student beyond the 5 minute grace period will be assessed.

If a student is not picked up in a reasonable amount of time, the teacher will escort them to the office for pickup.

An older teen who is authorized to sign him/herself out is considered "picked up" upon signing out, and Academic Antics is not responsible for said student at that point.