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Health & Safety

Sick children, teachers, and volunteers should stay home!
    This includes anyone with an unexplained fever, vomiting, or who just in general is not feeling well. Mild colds are part of everyday life, but if your child or teen is miserable, please keep him or her home to better recuperate. If you aren't sure if your child should attend, please stay home until you are sure and/or check with your family doctor.

Flu/Vomiting/Fever/any severe symptoms: Must be well for a minimum of 24 hours before attending class. This includes suspected food poisoning.

Mild sore throat, cough, runny nose, general malaise: Please stay home if you are in the first two days of a severe cold of any kind to help prevent spreading the cold to others.

Lice: Families must be clear of nits and live lice for 48 hours before returning to classes after an outbreak. Please wait until everyone in your household is lice-free before returning to class. We understand that this is stricter than some other organizations have, but we are willing to work with you to help students keep up with assignments in the meantime.

Please let us know if your family has possibly exposed our students to anything beyond a standard cold and flu so that we can notify parents to watch for symptoms and help to break the cycle within our community.

If a student starts to feel sick during class, we will call their parents to pick him or her up right away. All students must have a medical release form on file in case of an emergency.

We take safety seriously. For the safety of our children and teens, we have a 2-adult policy for supervision, and all of our teachers and regular volunteers have fingerprint/live-scan clearance from the Department of Justice.
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