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Enrollment/Withdrawl Policies

Our classes will be available with tiered pricing, with a discounted price for "member" students whose membership fee has been paid, and a higher price for non-member students. If a non-member student subsequently joins as a member by paying the membership fee, their charges will be reduced from the next semester forward.  (See our Volunteer Page for requirements)

Classes are mostly semester-long and part of a yearlong (2-semester) series. Current students will be given priority registration for the following semester. After the priority registration period, placement is not guaranteed.

We ask each family to consider their enrollment a commitment for the length of the class and to be willing to meet in good faith with our counselors, teachers, and/or staff to resolve any problems as they arise, or to address placement issues.  Students can drop after the first class, though we hope you'll discuss the class with us because the first day might not accurately reflect the entire semester's plan. We also appreciate as much notice as possible if a family is moving or otherwise plans to withdraw.

Students can withdraw from any class at any time via our online registration system or by providing written notice. However, tuition will not be reimbursed after the second class. Although tuition payments are only refundable before the second class meeting, sometimes if we approve a replacement class, funds can be transferred to that class (only with approval.)

We want every placement in our program to work out for all parties involved. If there is a reasonable accommodation that we can make that will improve your experience, please make an appointment with one of our counselors to discuss.

Important: It is the responsibility of the parent to add/drop classes in the registration system.
  • Because emails can be misinterpreted all adds and drops should be done by the parent in our online reservation system. Absences do not drop you.
  • The day you drop the class online will be considered your official "drop date."  
  • After attending the second class, all students are responsible for the full semester's tuition.