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Our Four Agreements:

a. Respect others

b. Right to participate

c. Affirmations/no put-downs

d. Active Listening

Our Responsibilities and Expectations:

1. Academic and non-academic honesty is expected of all students.

2. Students will respect and be courteous toward others, including staff, faculty, other students, and visitors. This includes respect to their person as well as their property.

3. Students will uphold the law.

4. Students will contribute to a family-friendly environment. Foul language, rude behavior, etc. will not be allowed.

5. Infractions of the student code of conduct or disputes between students or students and faculty/staff/other personnel should be referred to the non-academic counselor and/or the administration.

6. Weapons, Alcohol, controlled substances, or other dangerous items are not allowed at any time.

7. Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn.

*Infractions of this code of conduct may result in suspension or dismissal from our program without refund.