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Charter School Purchase Orders

WHO? We are currently vendors for Ocean Grove Charter School and Connecting Waters. Please contact us if you would like to recommend that we become vendors for another charter school program.

SIGNING UP? Charter School students must sign up both with us and with their E.S. (Educational Specialist.) Some of our classes fill quickly, so we recommend registering in our online system right away to hold your spot while we wait for the P.O. to be processed by the school. Please use our online registration system to sign up for your desired classes.

PAYMENT? Charter schools will not usually cover the optional annual "membership fee" portion of your enrollment fees (currently $125/student or $230/family.) You will need to send in this fee along with a medical release. Non-member students pay a higher rate for classes, but do not need to pay the $125 membership fee. This is a great option if you are only taking one class, but the membership saves money if you take many classes through our program.

ADDITIONAL INFO your E.S. will want to know? We are listed in the vendor list as "Academic Antics Inc." Please have your E.S. write up the P.O. using the total amount. PLEASE use the amounts and number of payments shown in our registration system (login and click on "Payment Information" near the top of the page.) You can actually cut and paste this information into an email to your E.S. Please do NOT make up your own session lengths.
-See our drop policies and refund policies.
    *Please let your E.S. know that our website has regular updates for most of our classes -- it's a great resource for learning records. A few classes have information that requires a login to a google account to view. 

Let's say you are taking a Literature class for $250 or $62.50/month for 4 months and a PE class for $155 or $38.50/month for 4 months.  In this case, you would request a P.O. for 4 sessions of Literature at $62.50/session, and a P.O. for 4 sessions of PE at $38.50/session. You only owe a single $125 membership fee for the year. OR you could take the Literature or PE classes at the non-member rate and avoid the membership fee.

WHEN DO I GET MY DEPOSIT BACK? We no longer request deposits for classes. You are responsible for all charges in case the charter school does not pay, or if your student damages property or equipment or loses materials loaned. Annual membership fees are non-refundable. 

Of course you can! We appreciate advance notice, and we prefer to limit this to a monthly basis. So, for the example above, if the family would like to pay out-of-pocket for the first 2 payments and use the charter school for the 3rd and the 4th payment, that's fine. The other way around is fine, too -- just let us know!

WHAT ABOUT LUNCH? We cannot accept purchase orders for lunch because no instruction is given during that time. We do offer lunch supervision at no charge IF students are enrolled in classes both immediately before and immediately after lunchtime. We offer paid lunch supervision for other students on a space-available basis for other students, but families must pay for that themselves.

CANCELING OR SWITCHING CLASSES? Our usual cancellation policy applies to all students, including charter school students. We try to accommodate adjustments when possible, but keep in mind that we can only bill a charter school for a class that you are enrolled in! When charter school students switch classes, your E.S. will need to approve the change and issue a new P.O. to cover the new class, canceling the portion of the old P.O. that no longer applies. It may take a while for funds to be returned to your account so that you can spend them elsewhere. You may request that we send over a "final bill" for classes that have been canceled to help speed up this process. Please email info@academicantics.com for assistance.

 Charter schools will NOT cover classes that have already occurred, and they, like all of us, appreciate as much notice as possible to process your request. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for them to process your request. You may, of course, pay out-of-pocket until your P.O. is ready (preferably a month at a time.)