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Class locations

posted Aug 22, 2011, 2:09 AM by Academic Antics
Locations for each class are listed in the registration database. To check the locations and schedule for your student, login to the registration system using your email and password you selected. You can check on
"Registration/Account" on the left side panel of this webpage to login.

When you login, you'll get a list of classes for one of your students. Just use the pulldown to change which student's schedule is shown.

There is a column on the schedule listing for "location", and this lists the initials of the host. For example, "JW" is Julie Wright's house. Clicking on those initials will bring up a google map to that location. (Note: If you haven't paid your registration fee, this link will not be active.)

"AA" means an offsite location, such as a local park or nature preserve.

If you need assistance, please call Julie at 408-425-4828.