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August 2017 Workshops

Monday Aug. 28

Academic Antics is hosting this day of FREE workshops!

To hold your student's spot, you must email the instructor

Workshop Schedule:

10:30AM -12:30PM

Math 4th-8th

11AM - noon

Creative Movement 1st-3rd

11AM - 12:30PM

Cultural Anthropology 7th-12th

1PM - 2:30PM

Reading & Writing 1st-3rd

Indigenous Art 3rd-8th

Note Taking 9th -12th


Hayao Miyazaki Film Analysis 6th - 12th

Workshop Descriptions:

Math with Yul

10:30AM -12:30PM

4th-8th grade

Introduction to the Fun Math Club: Puzzles and Games

In this event, your children will get a chance to try some mathematical puzzles and play some math games. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Fun Math Club founder Yul Inn. He can provide more information about his Academic Antics classes, “Logic and Problem Solving” and “Data and Chance”.


Creative Movement with Shereen

11AM - noon

1st - 3rd grade

Creative Movement

Come play with movement in this introductory workshop.  Through games like Hokey Pokey and variations of Freeze Dance, students will be introduced to the elements of choreography, without even recognizing they’re learning.  Participants will be having fun expressing themselves while socializing, exercising, and playing together.  

All ability and experience levels welcome.  Bring water and wear clothing one can move freely in.


Cultural Anthropology with Mina

11AM - 12:30PM

7th - 12th grade

What Do Anthropologists Do?

Your spaceship is stranded on another planet.  You are confronted with a species that seems completely different from you.  You are in contact with Earth but they won’t be able to pick you up for a month.  They want you to find out as much as you can about this alien species.  Together devise a plan to determine what you want to find out and the how you are going to get the information. Then decide how you are going to organize and present the information you obtain.


Reading and Writing with Shereen

1PM - 2:30PM

1st -3rd grade

Reading Writing Readiness Workshop

Have fun with language in this introductory workshop.  Participants will play games, sing, move, tell and hear stories; all without even realizing they’re learning.  Much of learning to read involves gaining confidence.  Exploring simple concepts can encourage students, such as, “what I say can be written down, and what can be written down, can be read.”  Come join us for this fun introduction to cracking the code of reading and writing.

Class is geared towards student who are not yet reading, or are at the level of three letter words. (For young readers, check out the “Literary Feast” class)


Indigenous Art from Around the Globe with Mina

1PM - 2:30PM

3rd - 8th grade

Anishinabe Starry Night Scratchboard Art

Read aloud “How Fisher went to the Skyland- Origin of the Big Dipper” by Bruchac, J., (Native American Stories,1991)  We’ll also look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night and discuss the elements of movement, texture and line at work in the piece.  Students can then scratch their own Anishinabe Starry Night in the style of Van Gogh!


Note Taking with Susan

1PM - 2:30PM

9th - 12th grade

Note Taking Workshop

Get off to a great start with this workshop on the crucial practice of note taking.  Regardless of the class, subject, or environment, summarizing information and creating a succinct written record, will be valuable to your student.  The art of note taking is the key to getting more out of this school year.


Hayao Miyazaki film analysis with Mina

2:45PM - 4:45PM

6th - 12th grade

Horus, Prince of the Sun

Come see Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in their first full length feature film together wherein a working friendship was sparked that led to the creation of the animation production company we know and love as Studio Ghibli.  Beforehand watching prompts and post film sharing and discussion, will be a preview of this Fall’s course. If you are already familiar with the films of Studio Ghibli then this is an opportunity to look backwards through time at its earliest beginning seeds out of which their later works grew.  (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke to name a few.)