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Academic Antics Board News

This is the Academic Antics non-profit board, if you would like to contact the board for any reason, please email board@academicantics.com
Thank you.
Julie Wright President jwright@academicantics.com
Susan Miller  (on hiatus)
Vice-President  smiller@academicantics.com   
 Shereen Jarrett Secretarysmanalani@academicantics.com
 Linda Gallagher Fundraising Chairthegallaghers@gmail.com 
 Tricia Povio Treasurertpovio@comcast.net 
 Elizabeth Lo Social Mediaelizabeth.lo@att.net 

Board News:

Dec. 14 The Board is meeting daily, so there has not been one meeting to identify on the calendar!
The transition from the management company to the non-profit company is fully underway.  The charter school transition has happened and purchase orders should be made to Academic Antics, Inc --the non-profit-- the water bills, the phone bills, etc. have been transferred.  The bank business has nearly been completed.  We applaud Linda Gallagher's efforts to update all of our past due invoices whose balance is now just under $2000.00 due.  Hallelujah! Our teachers can be paid in full for the work they've done this year!  I'm happy to announce Rina Amir as our Communications Chair.  Watch for announcements from her on our newly named yahoo group:
The Board is still exploring sites and hope parents will come forward with recommendations sites.

Nov. 7 The board is still exploring the question of location.  In the meantime, the board is working through the arduous process of transitioning the billing processes and such from the management holdings to the board. The board has opportunities to fill.  Please consider signing up for the board b contacting one of the emails above.

Oct 8 A new lease is being reviewed.  While it proposes a rental increase based now on square footage, we have cut our use of rooms to bring down costs.  We are still waiting for notice from one property and considering other properties.  Parents who are willing to help are encouraged to stop by the office or contact, Julie, Linda or Liz (see emails above).

Oct 1 Sign up Genius is open and ready for you to support the on-going work of the program on behalf of your children.  Thank you to those who have already made a commitment.  As soon as the dust settles a bit on the lease negotiation, we will contact everyone and draw upon your talents.

Sept 15  Our landlords at Westminster Presbyterian have proposed a rental increase. The board and management is actively working to negotiate and mitigate impact. Stay tuned for updates and email any questions you might have.  Active Volunteers definitely help keep costs down.

Sept 13 Our volunteers and teachers are awesome!  One of our staff members was ill this week.
Linda Gallagher--a board member who works tirelessly-- Khalilah Ramirez and Susan Van Valkenberg stepped in to make the morning full of smiles for our students. Thank you!

Aug 31 Gratitude towards Kevin Wright for spending countless hours to set up and process registration and coordinate payment records

Aug. 28 Update on photo policy:

We have had to make changes to our photo-opt out policy.  We will no longer offer a student photo/video opt out option. Please accept our apologies for making this necessary change (post registration).  After looking into the legalities at length and researching schools and youth organizations, our non-profit board has concluded that we can no longer offer an opt-out option. 

Student safety is our highest priority and we value your privacy concerns.  If this policy presents a security issue, please contact us with your security concerns and we will do what we are able to do. 

As there are many benefits to having a program wide photo release, we hope this will only affect your family in a positive way:

--families can see what's happening in classes
--families can document class activities and student work that could also be used for charter school samples or learning record notes
--our yearbook and newsletters will be inclusive of all of our students
--grant, sponsorship and internship opportunities require documentation
--staff can communicate to families about our exciting cross-subject-integrated offerings that can best be explained in a video
--instructor can use videos for professional development and instructional changes
--students can have treasured memories of friends and classmates.

The Board Members of Academic Antics

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