Summer 2017 Camp Schedule

For course availability, use the Registration/Account link to the left or above to create an account. After you add a student, you will be able to see what classes are available. If a class is full, adding that class will put you on the waiting list. Payment can be made online using PayPal, or a check can be mailed or hand-delivered.
Note: This price list is for the current Summer Session. Prices are subject to change, and we reserve the right to fix any errors. 

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*Click on the (i) next to the class you're interested in to get a full course description.

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* While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information, we reserve the right to correct any errors.
How do we set our prices? Our prices are a balance between our desire to pay our teachers well for their expertise and special attention they pay to each of our students, our need to cover our overhead expenses such as insurance, rent, admin costs, etc., our desire to ensure that we have materials and equipment needed for a specific activity, and our desire to keep our prices within reach of our families.
If you see a class that has a higher price than another, it probably means that either it is longer, it has more materials and equipment needed, or the number of students is more limited in that class.
Need some help with fees? You might consider a charter schools to receive funding** to help pay for your classes. We are currently vendors for Ocean Grove, Connecting Waters, FAME, and Summit Charter schools. (** Not generally available during summer session)
We hope to start a scholarship fund soon after becoming a nonprofit. If you can help with fundraising or would like to help others by participating on our scholarship committee, please let us know!