What is My Role?

Service Team

Made up of classroom teachers, specialistsstaff from collaborating agencies, and when necessary parents, the Service Team participates in orientation and periodic professional development activities; participates in weekly data-driven, problem solving meetings; follows-up on tasks assigned at weekly meetings; prepares Summaries of Information outside Service Team meetings; collects and shares with the Team appropriate data for the evaluation of student progress; and provides liaison for students and families to collaborating agencies.

Service Team Facilitator

The Service Team Facilitator participates in scheduled AAF orientation, professional development, and support activities; leads weekly Service Team meetings through the Problem Solving Process regarding individual students; based on universal screening results, identifies students to be brought to the service team; meets with assigned Internal Consultant to construct agenda for Service Team meetings based on progress monitoring records; participates in ongoing communication and support sessions with assigned Internal Consultant; represents his/her Service Team at and brings relevant challenges to the School Management Group (SMG) for problem-solving; and maintains a record of challenges brought up to the SMG with stated outcomes by the end of the year.

Internal Consultant 

Internal Consultants (IC) are district personnel from various BPS departments including Curriculum and Instruction, the Office for English Language Learners, Research and Evaluation, Family and Student Engagement, and the Office of Special Education and Student Services who serve as process consultants to Service Teams on the Data-Driven Problem Solving Process. ICs bring their respective expertise, as well as whole-school district perspective, to Service Teams and identify/coordinate external resources and supports when necessary. ICs attend Service Team meetings bi-weekly; help with identification of students using universal screening and other data to be brought to the Service Team’s attention; provide support to teams in looking at data and in guiding data-driven decision-making; assist Service Teams in the selection of assessment tools to be used for progress monitoring and benchmark testing; communicate regularly with Service Team Facilitators to set the Service Team agendas based on student assessment data; and communicate and meet regularly to collaborate on the co-construction of the AAF within the school. ICs address barriers to the implementation of the AAF, thereby ensuring fidelity to the AAF Problem Solving Process at the individual school Service Team level.  ICs receive support through regular in district-run professional development and supervision activities.  


School Management Group

Led by school principals/headmasters, the School Management Group (SMG) brings together on a monthly basis Service Team Facilitators, as well as supervisors from collaborating agencies and when necessary, parents, to participate in school-level problem solving.   


Principals/Headmasters participate in a leadership orientation and provide ongoing leadership in implementation and fidelity of the AAF; utilize the models provided by the district to schedule and make logistical arrangements for weekly meetings for all Service Teams; assist and support Service Teams by attending their meetings; maintain communication with Service Team Facilitators and Internal Consultants; identify areas for professional development of service team members; attend C-FRST meetings as appropriate to problem solve a systemic challenge encountered by their school; identify a designee who may substitute temporarily at SMG or C-FRST meetings when necessary and if desirable, a school coordinator of Service Teams to assist in supporting Service Teams in the school; establish, attend, co-facilitate, and support monthly SMG meetings; make logistical arrangements for the participation of Service Team Facilitators in the monthly SMG meeting; and identify and engage a family member, student, or former student as a member of the SMG. 

External Consultants

External Consultants (ECs) are educators from Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) with specific expertise in multi-tier intervention and assessment systems.  ECs support ICs and SMGs as process and content specialists. ECs attend monthly SMG meetings modeling, applying, and reinforcing the Problem Solving Process and providing guidance regarding assessment and data-informed intervention; maintain regular communication with principals; meet with ICs monthly to support implementation of the Problem Solving Process at the Service Team level; periodically attend Service Team meetings to provide additional support and ensure fidelity to the Problem Solving Process; collaborate with the SMG to problem solve building-level challenges; and facilitate access to other ECs when specific expertise is needed. 

Cross Functional Rapid Support Team (C-FRST)

This team is made up of the Academic Superintendent, Assistant and Academic Superintendents, Principals/Headmasters, leadership from participating BPS departments as well as the AAF Project Director from EDC and when available, directors of collaborating agencies. Together they attend weekly meetings, participate in system-level problem solving, continue problem solving until resolutions address the challenges of schools and students, and link the district to collaborating agencies.
District Design Team (DDT)

Members of the DDT include the BPS Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, Academic Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, principals/headmasters, and leadership from participating BPS departments, as well as David Riley of EDC, Inc.  Together they utilize the structured Problem Solving Process to address district-level challenges and/or barriers to student success and develop district policy and accountability mechanisms that support and enable the AAF to succeed, grow, and sustain itself over time.