Abyei Church - Wau

This is Pastor Santino, he is a priest in the diocese of Wau in the the Episcopal Church of Sudan. His parish is in the town of Abyei. Recently the whole town of Abyei was destroyed by fighting and Pastor Santino's parish church with it. 

Pastor Santino desperately wants to rebuild the church.  
He wants a strong permanent building for people to worship in safely and to form the centre of the Christian community in Abyei. He wants Abyei parish to have a building that can also be a school during the week providing much needed basic education and a meeting place for the local Mothers Union. 
Pastor Santino has none of the resources he needs to even begin this task. He does however have a plan and would like to share it with anyone who will listen.



Dave Lewis,
23 Jun 2009, 13:44