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Frameless Oval Beveled-Groove Mirror

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Frameless Oval Beveled-Groove Mirror

ITEM#: 11578100

Choose this simple frameless oval mirror to mount over the sink in your guest bathroom. Place it at the end of a hallway to give the illusion of greater space, or hang it in your entryway to give yourself a last glance before you head out the door. The glass in this beveled-groove mirror seems to float, giving it an elegant look. Thanks to its double-coated silver backing, this mirror isn't susceptible to rust, making it ideal for bathrooms. Hanging hardware is provided to help you hang this mirror either vertically or horizontally to get the sleek, modern look you prefer.
  • Fine details and quality production make this mirror attractive and functional
  • Mirror is easy to mount, with all hardware included
  • Frameless design pairs well with contemporary decor
  • Beveled, v-groove detailing is unusual and unique
  • Measures 23.6"W x 31.5"H x .5"D
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