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Frameless Aldo Wall Mirror

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Frameless Aldo Wall Mirror

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When buying mirrors especially for bathrooms, it is important to look for mirrors that are backed with silver. As steam from showers fill the room it combines with the metal in the mirror and the mirror will begin to rust. Double coated silver mirrors (as this one is) have the most tolerance to humidity and will last significantly longer. On a side note they also produce a warmer reflection than Aluminum.This mirrors is also made using high quality float glass. Have you ever seen a mirror where the reflection is just not right. It may be a bit blurry in the distance or warp you image, these mirrors are usually made using sheet glass. Float glass mirrors have a much cleaner finish which yield much less distortion. This mirror would look great mounted above your sink, in the hall or above your sofa in the living room. Mounted above a desk in the bedroom, this mirror could even serve as a vanity. No matter where it is hung, this high-quality mirror brings a sense of elegance with it.
  • Frameless Aldo mirror adds an elegant, modern touch to any room
  • Decorative wall mirror features polished scallop-beveled edges
  • Mirror is constructed of durable, 0.19-inch thick glass and metal
  • Stylish contemporary design with a frosted inside border
  • Oval measures 31.5 inches high x 23.5 inches wide x 0.5 inches thick
  • Mounting hardware included
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