The ABW League 2016 - 17

How to Join this year's League

This year's League is a Sun Dream Team Mini League. To join, do the following:-

Go to or Google "Sun Dream Team" and create your account.

Create your team. You can autofill a team to get you started if you like.

Once you have an account, search for the mini league "ABW League 1617".

The PIN is ZPJU3PZ9.

Entry fee is £5 (payable on entry) and the money gets held securely until the prizes are paid out at the end of the season. So no waiting around for your winnings!

It's going to follow a head-to-head structure to create more banter, so lets hope we get an even number of teams! Let's try and get at least 20 people.

All rules and regulations can be found on the Dream Team website.

Latest League Standings

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