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Torus Round Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Product Features

Torus Round Pendant Ceiling Lamp

ITEM#: 16991770

Add a vintage yet modern look to your home with this elegant lightin a smoked glass shade. The adjustable wire hangs as low as 60inches, to better fit your needs.

This extraordinary steampunk-influenced ceiling lampfeatures a smoked-glass torus-shaped shade with a long incandescenttubular bulb inserted vertically in the center. The result is alovely clear lamp that creates warm, brilliant light while givingyour home a fun art deco or scientific Victorian air. Mountinghardware is included, and the wire pendulum allows up to afive-foot drop.

  • Measurement of wire: Adjustable wire that hangs as low as 60 inches
  • Setting: Indoor use only
  • Fixture finish: Glass
  • Shade: One (1) smoked glass
  • Number of lights: One (1)
  • Takes one (1) 60-watt incandescent tubular light bulb, included
  • Glass pendant dimensions: 7.5 inches high x 12 inches wide x 12 inches long
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