Volunteer Programme

Volunteering Programme

We have a Volunteer program starting up that will support communities within various Regions of Ghana, beginning at 4 weeks and onwards.

Programme descriptions

Community Farming Program

Ghana Cocoa Board was formed in 1947 and it is a Ghanaian Government controlled institution that fixes the buying price for cocoa in Ghana, the Worlds second largest producer of the commodity. It is made up of four(4) sub-divisions namely.

1.Seed Production Unit(S.P.U)

2.Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana(C.R.I.G)

3.Quality Control Unit(Q.C.U)

4.Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease Control Unit(CSSVD-CU)

Volunteers with Abusua-Pa will be engaged in CSSVD-CU activities thus (1)Treatment and Management of the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus disease and (2)Extension or Farmer education programmes such Farmer trainings, Farm Demonstrations, Farm Visits and Community sensitization on the worst forms of Child labour etc. with Cocoa Farmer Based Groups in remote cocoa growing communities.

We work in 12 communities in the Berekum Municipality. Community needs do vary across the Operational area that is why it is important for us to involve community members in ranking community needs and prioritize them accordingly. These communities are remote because they lack good road network, access to clean and portable drinking, access to education, healthcare etc. 

Teaching Program

We have a variety of opportunities in Cape Coast, Accra and Berekum area, in primary or secondary schools.  You can be involved in day to day classroom activities and interaction with the children’s learning curriculum.

Nursing Program

Central Regional Hospital, Cape Coast was recently established as a Training Hospital for the Doctors at the University of Cape Coast. We can provide placements in various departments from Maternity, Emergency and intensive care.

Local Language Classes

We offer language tuition in two of the popular spoken languages.  Daily tuition, local market visits and shopping trips.

Local Cooking Classes

You will have the opportunity to learn the authentic style of cooking fish and meat dishes with a coal pot, pounding Fufu and driving Banku.  An opportunity to learn the Ital style of authentic vegetarian dishes. 

For further information and pricing structure contact Amanda Sam (0413 462 660) or Ato Sam (0432 116 630) or email abusuapa187@hotmail.com or see About Us page.